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Looking for a CNC Mill? We offer you great options with Rossi Machinery.

The Fryer MB-Q CNC Mill
The Fryer MB-Q CNC Mill

Looking for a CNC mill? We offer you great options with Rossi Machinery. Part of our mission to our customers is offering many different solutions for them to consider when replacing any piece of equipment and a CNC Milling machine #cncmillingmachineforsale is no different.


With Fryer Machine Solutions you have the #americanmadecncmill that performs with excellence and provides options that we think you will like. View them on our website's page

Dedicated to providing quality #americanmadecnc options, Fryer is utilized by NASA and other government entities.

This MB-Q CNC mill is one of three options that Fryer offers in milling machines.

Check out our Fryer page. for all these products and options.

Need more information? We like to take the time to share with you all your the options, and offer our expert technical knowledge that we have in #machinetoolrepairsandrebuilds to help you become informed on CNC mills by Fryer. #fryercncmillsforsale. Some of the optional equipment is great but not always necessary and we can help tease out whether they are worth your money.


ACER E-Mills with G2 CNC controls at a Community College.
ACER G2 CNC controls make a great CNC machine for your shop, school or manufacturing firm.

Likewise, we offer information and sell the #emill by ACER. #ACERMACHINE offers their popular E-Mills™ with either the #fagorcontrol or the #millpwrg2 control. We like that ACER gives that option as part of their offerings to our customers.

Rossi Machinery Services, #rossimachineryservices ,is an authorized distributor for both #fagor and #acu_rite so discussing the pros and cons of these two controls are easy for us. We have worked with them over 25+ years. Our page on the ACER milling machines makes viewing the specifications on the CNC Machine is easy. ACER offers different table sizes and options:

Check out the details on the website:

ACER is known for its quality and performance which has made it a favorite for many. In addition they offer extra attachments for their machines and again, we can help you decide if you need any of them. Sometimes you just don't.

Mr. Snyder of Snyder of Snyder Fabrications is learning his new ACER CNC mill with a G2 Control
Mr. Snyder of Snyder Fabrications learns his new CNC E-Mill with the G2 Control

Many many #tradeschools, #communitycolleges like the ACER CNC mill with the Acu-Rite® Millpwr G2. See above. The performance of these CNC mills makes all the difference whether you are #teachingcnc or making parts that need precision, speed and programs that save you time and money.

These conversational controls are good for all user skill levels in machining. That's why the schools love them.

We are different from other #machinetooldistributors, because we take the time to ensure that you understand your new machine tool. We are looking for long term customers and many of our ACER and other product customers are!

SERVO Automations CNC Control shown here is sold and installed by Rossi Machinery Services
SERVO CNC Control Packages Sold by Rossi Machinery Services


SERVO AUTOMATION is our other Made in the USA option.

Servo Automation specializes in all types of #automations and this control is just one of them.

See the website: under the High Quality Tools page scroll to the bottom to view the SERVO Automation product lines. At the bottom is the SERVO CNC package. As the SERVO distributor, we can hang a CNC package for you.


Jet Equipment's CNC mill for sale with a G2 control
Jet Equipment offers a CNC mill with the G2 control

Finally, when it comes to JET, #jetmillingmachineforsale, they offer their own CNC milling machine #cncmillingmachineforsale, offering the G2 control as part of their CNC machine tool line up.

Likewise, JET's Elite Machinery, #elitemachineryforsale carries the Acu-Rite G2 CNC mill on their high precision mills.

And like ACER and Fryer, JET offers optional equipment which may be helpful to your shop.

As authorized service technicians for our control products, we can hang a control for you. And with this you have three options: Acu-Rite®, FAGOR, or the SERVO CNC control. 

 As the distributor for all three, you can choose which control you like and we can hang the control for you. This works nicely if you have:

  •  An existing mill that you upgrade with the control

  • We also can hang one on a new ACER, or sell you an ACER CNC mill from the factory.

  •  Or sell you a #rebuiltBridgeport from our inventory and hang the control for you.

We offer you options in all we do but the CNC milling machines come with plenty of selections and options. One surely will fit your budget and applications.

We make your purchases easy, handling all the details, keeping you informed and offering support and services after the sale is over and the machine is on your production floor.

Our customers have continually offered their thanks, recommendations and reviews for great customer experiences from Rossi Machinery Services. That's why we are here after over all these years.

For over 35+ years we have made our customer's specific needs our focus, offering them our personalized, and individualized solutions that fit their budgets.

Keep us in mind for your next CNC milling machine or any other products, machines, industrial equipment, measuring systems, controls, or accessories. We are your One-Stop-Shop for all your products and services. Call Today: 866-622-4488 Ask for Mike Rossi.


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