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Fryer Large Swing VTL Made Easy:

The Fryer VT-80 large swing small footprint Mill-Turn VTL makes a great addition to your job shop .
The Fryer VT-80 large swing small footprint Mill-Turn VTL makes a great addition to your job shop .

Fryer's Large Swing VTL is made easy for your job shop or low volume tool room.

Built and designed in the USA by craftsmen trained in design and machine building, this powerful VTL features a lot of quality, performance and versatility that your operators will love.

With rave reviews from companies like Barnes Industries, Tru Precision Corporation and more (See: for more testimonials.) Fryer and Rossi Machinery Services work tirelessly to find you the right fit for your shop.

The unique horizontal turret features excellent clearance for long and short tools alike.

The VT is available with full C axis contouring and positioning as well as a powerful live tool turret. Equipped with Fryer / Siemens 828-HS CNC control that features shop floor conversational programming, G code programming, 3D graphics and fast set-up cycles.

Manual operations and semi-automatic operations can even be mixed to speed through one-piece production. Manual handles feature full digital readout (DRO) of position and feature electronic stops and a chamfer mode. A jog joy stick also allows manual feed control.


The Fryer-Siemens CNC features “Do One” cycles which enable single cycle operation with no programming necessary. Users can automatically pocket, contour, rough, finish, drill and tap, one step at a time.


The Fryer VT-60 comes with the same quality as their VT-80
The Fryer VT-60 comes with the same quality as the VT-80

This VTL's Footprint:

  • 125" tall

  • Width of 155"

  • Depth 76"

This VTL comes with:

  • High Torque geared headstock.

  • Manual mode w/ handwheels.

  • Mill-Turn with contouring C axis and live tooling..

  • 75 HP with 2,700 ft/lbs. of torque.

  • BMT-65 8-Tool Live turret for better rigidity.

  • Shop floor programing.

  • Siemens or Fanuc CNC - you choose.

And finally this VTL does not require a special foundation, a real savings.

The Fryer VT-60 end mill pictured.
The Fryer VT-60 end mill pictured.

The Fryer VTL boasts a fast set-up and programing system.

This machine is excellent for small lot production and job shops.

This traveling column improves clearance.

Checking inside this VT-60 and VT-80 you find why they are built better.

See inside with this diagram of the Fryer VT series large swing small footprint VTL
Take a look into the VT and see the quality built into these great machines.

Inside the VT-60 and VT-80 you will see that it features a heavy duty geared spindle and a one piece base casting for added rigidity.

Made from a one piece thermally stable Meehanite cast iron you know that it has a solid base. In addition it features a coolant and chips with the integrated chip pan and flood coolant reservoir.

It comes with precision ground C3 grade double nut ballscrews that provides an incredible 0.0002" accuracy for the most demanding jobs.

And with Absolute encoders it remembers your position with the power off. All fixture offsets and tool offsets are maintained so you don't have to re-indicate parts like many other controls require. And with the Fryer/Siemens 828-HS Control it provides you with the ultimate CNC experience for low volume toolrooms or job shop needs.

Simple menu programming and fast set-up keys allow you make one-off parts in half the time of a manual machine. Multi mode operation allows you to use the machine manually, semi-automatic and full CNC mode. Canned cycles and graphic verify make set-up faster and easier.

NEW! Fryer Machine Systems is now offering manual handwheels on all of their vertical machining centers.

Handwheels allow for full manual operation so that anyone in the shop can use the machine regardless of CNC experience.

If you would like to learn more about this Large Swing, Small Footprint VTL, contact us today.

Mike Rossi, Founder 866-622-4488 ext. 102 or


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