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"It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like JET Tools"

Jet tools and equipment offers every type of industrial equipment for you.
Jet Tools offers every type of industrial equipment, parts, attachments, accessories in metalworking & woodworking

"It's beginning to look a lot like JET Tools" is our topic today. Did you know that JET Tools & Equipment owns several highly respected companies?

This is what attracted us to the company. And JET Tools' company values mirror our own. Jet offers quality product lines that are expansive and offer different solutions. Like Rossi Machinery Services, JET is dedicated to customer service on all their product lines.

Today, we share the other companies that JET Tools own & we sell.

BAILIEGH INDUSTRIAL: Baileigh Industrial has a long & reputable history in this industry. From #woodworking to #metalworking, Baileigh has a product line for you.

Two Mansfield City Schools' students with their new Edwards 40 ton ironworker
Mansfield City Schools' two students with their new Edwards 40 Ton Ironworker

EDWARDS IRONWORKERS: Known for excellance in Ironworkers, Edwards is made in the USA and has a value that can't be beat. Their Ironworkers come in different ton abilities, including this 40 Ton sold to #MansfieldCitySchools that was looking to advance their #weldingprogram, teaching additional skills to provide their students an advanced skill set that will provide them the extra skill set in the workforce.


Elite Machinery is JET's line of #metalworkingequipment that is high precision machine tool #machinetoolssold - equipment for #aerospace, #medical, #defence or any other application that requires the machine to provide the highest precision machining. For those that are looking for quality but don't need this type of precision, #JETTools offers a full line of #machinetoolsforsaleinOhio and sold by #rossimachineryservices .

WILTON: When it comes to vises, and holding & tools, #wilton has the product for you.

There is a vise for every application: #bulletbenchvises, #industrialbenchvises, #atvallterrainvises (ATV All Terrain Vises), #millingvises & #precisionvises, #drillpressvises.

Wilton BASH & Holding
Witlon BASH & Holding

And Wilton carries all types of high value C-Clamps, F-Clamps, B.A.S.H. Kits, hammers, SHR Strut & Threaded Rod Shear.

Wilton has so much value & has been in the business since 1941.

"Wilton: Holding Strong Since 1941"


Powermatic is the Gold Standard in #woodworking. Powermatic offers every type of #woodworkingmachinery, #woodworkingaccessory or #woodworkingairfiltration that will cover all your #woodworkingshop's needs.

Lastly, JET carries a comparable to each of their other companies. What we like is if you want a saw, we can quote several of JET's and their other companies' offerings. As always we sell at the M.A.P. pricing. (the lowest prices that JET allows) and also we offer free technical support and the service on your purchases. Not all #jettooldistributors offer this. We have the ability to serve you. In addition, we offer free shipping #freeshippingonjet, when your purchase is over $2500.00 - We can offer this to those in a 100 mile radius.


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