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Industrial Equipment Supplier- That's Us.


Rossi Machinery Services, Inc. is your Industrial Equipment Supplier- yes that's us.

From this ACER Dynamic Lathe 3370K & the many bedmills, milling machines, CNC mills, grinders that are #machinetools and more to our new full line of industrial equipment, we have expanded our reach, offering you our best in pricing, support & service. Mike Rossi built this company on this foundation.

The JET bandsaw. Jet offers a full line of bandsaws.
The JET Bandsaw. Jet has a full line of bandsaws.

It's no different with our JET lines. Different from other dealers, we are pricing off the MAP pricing, meaning that we are selling at the lowest prices allowed by JET.

Did you know that JET owns these other companies? Baileigh, Wilton Vises, Edwards Ironworkers, Elite Machinery, and Powermatic, all with the same pricing, support & services by Rossi Machinery Services. Not every dealer can offer this due to the lack of skilled workers. Large catalogs, big box, and even some local distributors do not have the staff to ensure that you get the best product, information, support & service. Our technicians are educated in the service of machinery & know what to look for in a quality machine tool or industrial equipment.

Baileigh's welder is just one of their industrial products that we sell.
Baileigh's Welder is just one of their many product offerings.

From the small equipment like the Baileigh Welders, to the JET air tools, construction tools, and more to the larger equipment, the Family of JET has a solution for you.

We take the time to show all the offering to your staff. If you need a drill press, JET has their own, Baileigh has them too. So you get so many options & we can help. We take the time to quote it any way you need it. Need to have a side by side of quotes for you to evaluate. We do that too. Most customers have multiple quotes to compare products & services.

ACER 5VK is just one of the mills that ACER offers. Call Today
This 5Vk ACER is just one of the ACER mills in their Mill offerings.

As we are close to our 29th anniversary we want you to know that we continue to be dedicated to what your company's budgets, applications, and skills levels your staff have when offering you solutions.

With all of the JET products/equipment we offer the low prices but remember,

to ask if ACER has a special package deal because they usually do & we will offer that too.

We are here to support your company's needs.

Feel free to ask us what we can do for you!

Call Today: 866-622-4488 Mike Rossi

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