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In Search of the Weekend! It's been a wonderfully busy week! Thanks.


Everyone loves the weekend, even a rainy one! And we are looking forward to this one, showers and all.

Weekends help re-charge our batteries so that we can "gear up" to work for you next week.

Our dedication to finding & supporting your product, machinery or service needs is always our goal.

Baileigh's 3 in One Lathe
Baileigh's 3 in One Lathe

This week was busy - the way we like it. We started out with a DEEP DIVE into Baileigh's two great choices in a 3 in One lathe. The pricing , features and performances are what Baileigh, part of JET is known for.

Next: We go BIG:

Leveling a G & L
Trent works on a G & L

It was off to a large company in Cleveland, Ohio to work on a G & L. This job is a large undertaking as the machine has many different parts that need to be replaced, but our technicians have it covered.

G & L or Giddings & Lewis machine tools are work horses and customers love them.

They are legacy equipment and it takes a skill to keep them working efficiently.

We are your ACU-RITE® Distributor
We are your authorized ACU-RITE® Distributor

Then we were off to a Steel plant in Shelby, Ohio to remove and replace linear encoders (scales) on a Boring Mill, another very large work horse.

All in a Day:

It is up and running. As those of you in the manufacturing field know UPTIME is of the essence. At Rossi Machinery Services, we understand this and work tirelessly to keep you going.

We rounded the week out with a great delivery!

Our final Big happening this week was the delivery of the second ACER ATM 1054-II to a medical manufacturing company in Wooster, Ohio. New Machine or Services - you get our full technical support and services. We will have more great pictures of this machine next week. You are going to love it! This rounded out our very busy week. We love that we offer so many different things to manufacturing. Our skill set covers all of it.

ACER machine tool that we sold
The ACER ATM-1054-II bed mill is being delivered to Wooster

Our customer services are unsurpassed.

So what will next week bring? A new machine? A Digital Readout System, Rotary encoder? A JET product? A Repair? A Rebuild?

Whatever it is, we will be ready to fully support your shop's specific needs!

We are Rossi Machinery Services
We are Rossi Machinery Services


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