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Hold on, Did You Say Wilton Vises & Holding Devices?

Hold on, Did you say Wilton Vises & Holding Devices?

When you are looking for a great vise or holding device, we say, Hold on, we have Wilton's product lines. From the simplest of vises to :

the ATV vises & holding, to Drill Press Vises & holding, to Milling machine vises & holding, Rossi Machinery Services offers them all at the lowest industry pricing while providing you with our world-class technical support & services. Now that's a deal!

Wilton Logo Holding Strong since 1941
The WILTON Logo: Quality since 1941

Wilton has the long-term reputation for the best in vises & holding devices. Priced to make your budget happy, and our support makes it with out a doubt the right way to go in getting all your vises, holding and other WILTON products from ROSSI.

Each type of vise has several models from which to choose, making it easy to match the vise or holding device to your specific applications. It's true that one size does not fit all here.

Bullet Bench Vise #28833 is made in the USA
This Bullet Bench Vise #28833 is Made in the USA

For instance, the Bullet Bench Vises have 4 different types and within those types you have several models from which to choose. Two of their best models are Made in the USA, something we like to see.

From the Bullet Bench Vises Wilton offers Industrial Bench vises, the ATV all terrain vises, drill press vises, and milling & precision vises.

No matter your need, WILTON has the holding device for you. They have been "Holding Strong Since 1941"

Call today. We sell everything that your shop, start-up, industrial plants or mom and pop shops will ever need! 866-622-4488

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