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Get Your Affordable, High Quality JET Lathe for under 10K.

This JET 1340A lathe is on sale for 10K
JET 1340A for under 10K

Get Your Affordable, High Quality JET Lathe under for under 10K. Yes and it comes with a stand and much more!

You get all this for $9,979.00. Plus we can offer you free shipping* and delivery!

At Rossi Machinery Services, Inc., we work hard to find affordable solutions for your shop's needs and this is just one.

This lathe is a JET belt drive bench lathe which features an enclosed gear-box with helical cut gears for noise reduction and smooth operation.

JET 1340 A Lathe with a stand: $9,979.00
JET 1340 A Lathe with a stand: $9,979.00

The full -length splash guard on all sizes prevents hot chips and fluid from contaminating the work area!

Each JET lathe comes loaded with features you've come to expect, all back by the industry leading JET TWO YEAR WARRANTY

Let's look at the features of this JET Lathe. There are so many great ones you will have purchased a quality lathe at a great price:

  • 6" 3-JAW direct mount scroll chuck with top reversing jaws.

  • Automatic feeding and threading are fully interlocked.

  • Carriage mounted spindle control lever.

  • Independent lead screw and feed rod.

  • Spindle is supported by precision tapered roller bearings.

  • Tailstock may be offset for taper turning.

  • Tolerance test certificate included!

And here are your specifications:

  • Carriage Travel: 35"

  • Compound Slide Travel: 2-11/16"

  • 2 HP Motor

  • 8" GAP Bed.

  • 12 Spindle Speeds.

  • 38 Inch Threads.

  • 23 Metric Threads.

  • Max Tool Size 5/8".

  • Spindle Bore : 1-3/8"

  • Spindle Mount: D1-4

  • Steady Rest 2-5/8"

  • Swing over the Bed: 13"

  • Tailstock Taper MT-3

  • Weight 1175 lbs.

Getting into a quality lathe is sometimes costly, but JET makes it easy and we offer such great prices, our expertise in manufacturing to support and service all our sales. You simply get more from your purchase from Rossi Machinery Services, Inc.

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