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Get Trade School Equipment Here!

The ACER 3VS 9" x 49" Vertical Milling Machine for sale for schools
ACER 3VS 9" X 49" Vertical Milling Machine for sale!

Get your Trade School Equipment here! It's not too early to think about the Fall session at your #tradeschool, #communitycollege, #highschool or #college. Ordering the equipment you need to best serve your students is what we offer.

With our expertise, we help you best spend your allotted budgeted money.

We know how to help you stretch those dollars to get the best equipment and more of it.

Whether you are looking at #bandsaws, #millingmachines, #lathe or any #industrialequipmentneeds, Rossi Machinery Services can help.

This ACER 3VS 9" x 49" table listing for $12,500 and with the school discount, this mill is JUST $11,850.00 and that is with the Acu-Rite DRO installed! ACU-RITE® offers much better measuring than the standard DRO. As your Acu-Rite® distributor we can offer those better options on the mills, lathes and more.

Our many trade schools and other teaching facilities like that we save them money and offering a better digital readout system with our #acuritedistributorship. #acuritedro come with school discounts too. So that's another savings!

We will install Acu-Rite on this mill, making this purchase much nicer. We will also deliver it to them, set it in place, make sure it is leveled, hooked up and be ready on day one of the school year. If your #school needs a CNC mill, we offer them too. The ACER E-Mill™ can come with a FAGOR or Millpwr G2 - we distribute both, and can hang both on existing mills if that is the route you need.

The ACER 1340G is a gear head lathe that is both affordable, fits into small spaces and comes with lots of standard features and accessories.
This 1340G ACER gear head lathe is affordable, and fits into any budget.

The ACER 1340G is a popular small gear-head lathe and this year we sold a few!

Small enough for your area but big enough to provide a great teaching experience to your students, the ACER 1340G lathe comes with many standard features and accessories so that saves you money and provides a great machine for your money.

We, at Rossi Machinery Services pride ourselves in offering so many solutions that with our expertise, we save you money. Working with us means we do the installations, follow up support and services.

And now with JET equipment, we can offer great solutions on #bandsaws, #welders, #shears, #vises, #ironworkers, and more. When you are training for the future #manufacturingworkers, you need plenty of quality equipment that performs, and lasts.

Our trade schools like that we continue to work, support and service all that we sell. Whether it is an ACU-RITE ® DRO system, ACER lathe, mill, grinder, or bed mill, or JET, Baileigh, Wilton, Edwards, or Fagor, we have you covered. Stretching that budget is what we do! Whether your a school, small manufacturer, or a large manufacturer, budgets matter.


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