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From Soup to Nuts: JET

the JET impact wrench #505103 is just one choice that we carry.
#505103 JET IMPACT WRENCH. Just one of many choices

From soup to nuts: JET has a product for your shop! From impact wrenches, die grinders, angle grinders, drills, screwdrivers & more to full #metalworking machinery, JET covers it all!

On our website we offer these small JET products under their catalog categories. The machines and equipment is separated out for your convenience.

JET covers so many lines, from metalworking to #woodworking equipment. They offer air filtration, tools, parts & all types of lifting systems. We actually utilize many of JET's products for our jobs. Recently we purchased a hoist for a major rebuilding job.

Jet's ID#414559 7" x 12" Horizontal/Vertical Bandsaw with coolant system.
7" x 12" Horizontal /Vertical Bandsaw w/coolant system.


JET's metalworking equipment starts with the many lines of bandsaws. Variable Speed, Semi-Automatic, Horizontal, Vertical and both Horizontal & Vertical. Pictured: Right.

Metalworking: Lathes:

JET offers all types of lathes, many that have the 30 point inspection that comes with the sale! The ZH Series, the ZX Series, the large spindle bore precision lathes, the 14" x 40" EVS lathe, 14" Gear Head Engine Lathes, Bench lathes, & Hobby Lathes. All with the quality that made JET so popular.

Milling Machines:

JET #690020 is a 12" x 54" V.S. Milling Machine.
The JET 12" x 54" V.S. Milling Machines has 2 models for you.

JET offers a CNC milling machine with several (6 models) for your choice. They come with the powerful Millpwr G2, which with our ACU-RITE® Distributorship, we know Millpwr G2s very well. In fact we are factory-trained to install, support & service them.

JET offers these other offerings:

  • 12" x 54" Variable Speed Milling Machines (2-choices)

  • 9" x 49" & 10" x 50" Electronic Variable Speed Milling Machines. (2-choices)

  • 10" x 50" Variable Speed Knee Mill

  • 9" x 49" Variable Speed Milling Machines. ( 2-choices).

  • And finally they offer the Milling/Drilling Machines: (3-choices).

Drilling Machines:

20" Gear Head Drilling & Tapping Presses:

So many different drilling machines makes JET a great choice. Their price point is good. Starting with the 20" Geared Head Drilling & Tapping Presses, you have 4 models to choose from. We can help you pick if you want.

JET: 20" Gear Head Drilling & Tapping Presses.
JET: 20" Gear Head Drilling & Tapping Presses.

Pictured right: #354024 20" Gear Head Drilling & Tapping Presses- (4-models).

Other options include a wide variety to choose from:

20" EVS Drill Presses. ( 3-model choices)

  • 20" EVS Drill Presses w/ Power Downfeed. (2- model choices).

  • 20" Variable Speed Drill Presses: (3-model choices)

  • 15" Variable Speed Drill Presses. (2-model choices).

  • 20" Step Pulley Drill Press.

  • 15" 6-Speed Drill Press.

  • 17" & 22" Industrial Step Pulley Drill Presses. (2-model choices).

  • 12-Speed Belt Driven Drill Presses: (3-model choices).

Grinding ,Sanding & Buffers:

The JET 20" Industrial Disc. Grinder ID#577010
The JET 20" Industrial Disc Grinder.

When it comes to grinding & sanding Jet has plenty to offer.

  • 20" Industrial Disc Grinder (2-model choices)

  • Industrial Bench Belt & Disc Sanders. (4-model choices).

  • Combination 8" Bench Grinder & Belt Sander: (4-model choices + accessories)

  • 6" & 8" Shop Bench Grinders w/wire wheels. (2-model choices).

  • Industrial Bench Grinders: (4-model choices).

  • Industrial Buffers (4-model choices).

Why purchase from Rossi Machinery Services? When we took on Jet, Baileigh, Powermatic, Edwards (Ironworkers), Wilton Vises & Holding , we chose to sell at the MAP pricing that JET , who owns all these companies, allows. What is MAP? Minimum Allowable Pricing. In other words, JET allows sellers to sell from list upwards to suggested pricing to MAP. No one can sell below MAP.

We offer all their products at MAP pricing AND we include a full technical support /service on our sales, not everyone has the experienced staff to offer this.

It is important to us to connect with customers and keep them long-term. That's why we choice to approach these sales with MAP pricing.

Unlike many box stores, catalogs & other dealers, we can offer this & you actually save money buying from us. We support everything we sell and JET & its companies are no different. No question is too simple. Ask Us. We have already sold many of these lines to customers, some of them coming back for a second time to add to the order.

We are experienced experts & JET has now added us as an Authorized Service Center.

What can we do for you?


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