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DEEP DIVE: JET Woodworking Lathes: Jet's woodworking lathes are on sale now.

Our DEEP DIVE today is on Jet's woodworking lathes. Specifically what they offer. Since the 15% off sale is going on, our goal is to take a look at some of the woodworking machinery.

Jet's 1840EVS woodworking lathe is now on sale until November 27th.
Jet's 1849EVS woodworking lathe is on sale now until November 27th.


Pictured: 1840EVS woodworking lathe comes with a sliding headstock which includes newly designed locking handle accessible from the front of the lathe.

Extended spindle nose houses a dual headstock spindle bearings.

The four inch cast iron risers allow the user to adjust the height of the lathe for maximum comfort. It has an improved tailstock quill locking mechanism which incorporates an anti-rotation key. It is ID#719600 18" x 40" Electronic Variable Speed Wood Lathe: 2 HP, 1PH 230V. On Sale.


Next Jet offers the 1640 EVS woodworking lathe that has the same sliding headstock, extended spindle nose dual headstock spindle bearings & the improved tailstock features.

Different from the 1840EVS, the 1640EVS's tailstock features ACME threads for smooth and durable movement. Banjo uses non-marring, positive locking wedge system to securely hold the tool post. It's a 16" x 40" Electronic V.S. wood lathe : 1.5 HP, 1PH, 115V. ID#719500.

1440VS: Jet's 1440VS lathe:

  • It has the sliding headstock for maximum versatility & optimal user comfort.

  • Variable Speed: 400- 3000 RPM.

  • Positive locking tool rest with redesigned clamping.

  • Extension bed takes the capacity to 60" between centers.

  • ACME thread in the tailstock.

  • It has an improved tailstock quill locking with an anti-rotation key.

  • And it comes with an Easy-to-read RPM display. It comes either benchtop or with legs.

  • 14" x 40" V.S. 1HP, 1PH, 115/230V.

  • ID#719400 & #719400K

Two other woodworking lathes round out the Jet Woodworking lathes:


1221 VS woodworking lathe by Jet is on  sale until November 27th.
The 1221VS Woodworking Lathe by JET is on sale now
  • Unrivaled speed control

  • 60-3600 RPM

  • Optimally designed speed ranges.

  • Forward to reverse is a smooth transition.

  • Innovative ratchet style belt tension system.

  • Integrated spring-loaded spindle lock.

  • Conveniently located controls and DRO

  • 24 integrated indexing positions.

  • ID#719200 12" x 21" V.S. wood lathe: 1HP, 115V.

Lastly, the 1015VS woodworking lathe comes with the following features:

ID#719110 Jet woodworking lathe
ID#719110 Jet Woodworking Lathe.
  • 15-1/2" between centers.

  • Integrated 24-position indexing.

  • Six spindle speeds: 500, 840, 1240, 1800, 2630, and 3975 RPM.

  • Variable RPM range of 200-3600.

  • Wider bed ways for increased stability.

  • Improved tensioning system with easier access to belts.

  • Sturdy tool rest base.

  • ID#719110 10" x 15" V.S. 0.5HP, 115V

Jet also offers 15 different accessories for the woodworking lathes.

If you see a lathe that you would like to know more about, give us a call:

Toll Free: 866-622-4488 we can answer your questions.

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