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Our DEEP DIVE: Baileigh Slip/Plate Rolls come with options. Baileigh Industrial has the reputation for offering high-quality shop equipment, making them must have equipment for your shop. With so many offerings from Baileigh, the Slip/Plate Rolls are just one of their great products.

Baileigh offers two manual slip rolls that feature different capacities & features.

Below is the 1st. Option: SR-2420M Baileigh ID#BA9-1007297

Lists for $1419.50

We sell it at the lowest allowable pricing of: $1169.00.

In Stock. Today.

Baileigh's Manual  Slip Roll #BA9-1007297. Our Price: $1,169.00 in stock
Baileigh's Manual Slip Roll ID#BA9-1007297 Our Price: $1,169.00 in stock

This compact benchtop Slip Roll makes a great staple in any fab shop, because it’s simply more efficient on smaller projects. Its fully integrated steel frame keeps all 3 rolls in alignment. Covered by a 1-year parts warranty as well as lifetime technical support by phone.


  • 24” forming width

  • Can roll 20-gauge mild steel over its entire 2-foot width

  • 1:1 gear ratio for precise work that demands the utmost accuracy

  • Lever mechanism lets you easily open the top roll to remove material

  • Includes 3 grooves for wire forming.

Baileighs manual slip roll BA9-1007348. Priced $3,369.00 In stock.
Baileigh's manual slip roll BA9-1007348 Priced: $3,369.00 In Stock

Our 2nd Option for a manual slip roll from Baileigh is pictured to the left w/ the optional floor stand.

Baileigh's Manual Slip Roll :


Lists for $4,090.00

but we sell it for just $3,369.00.

In Stock Today.

This manual slip roll is perfect for any HVAC shop or general fab shop. Its rigid, electro-welded steel plate construction ensures precision over decades of production.


  • 3 rolls with 50” forming width

  • 16-gauge mild steel capacity across its full width

  • 2 driven rolls, made of polished carbon steel, will offer years of reliable service

  • Easy to adjust and operate.

  • Just place the unbent piece in the machine, bring the back roll up to the desired position, then start your bend

  • Frame is composed of 2 solid steel plates electro-welded to a heavy base

  • Rigid structure prevents deflection and ensures accuracy when bending across its entire width at full capacity.

Baileigh Electrically Controlled Slip Roll. Lowest Price $5899.00
Baileigh Electrically Controlled Slip Roll. Lowest Price $5899.00

The 3rd. Option is the SR-5016 Slip Roll

Baileigh ID#BA9-1007306 pictured right:

List Price: $7,163.07 But we sell it at

$5,899.00 In Stock Today

This slip roll is electrically powered and features:

  • 50” working width

  • Can roll 16-gauge mild steel with ease

  • 1 hp. motor runs on 220-volt single-phase power

  • Motor controls the movement of 2 driven rolls, so the SR-5016 has enough power for almost any job, anywhere

  • Includes foot pedal for both left and right rolling applications

  • All-steel lower base is fully welded and integrated with the uprights for rigidity

  • Comes with 3 grooves for rolling wire or rod

  • Integrated emergency stops to help maintain a safe workplace.

The 4th Option:

Baileigh Plate Roll lists for $20,350.21 Rossi sells it for $16,759.00
Baileigh Plate Roll Lists for $20,350.21 but we sell it for $16,759.00

In Stock on 9/7/2023

Baileigh PR-413 Plate Roll:

ID# BA9-1006521

List Price: $20,350.21

Rossi Machinery's Price: $16,759.00

This Plate Roll comes with the following features:

  • 48" forming width.

  • 13-gauge mild steel capacity.

  • 3 driven rolls.

  • Single pinch

  • Hydraulic back roll

  • DRO for back roll position.

  • 3-wire grooves

  • Foot pedal operated.

  • 2.56" back roll adjustment.

  • Top roll swings out for material removal.

And finally, Baileigh offers the PR-503 Hydraulic Plate Roll. In Stock on 9/21/2023.

ID#BA9-1006531 List Price: $38,309.30

Baileigh Hydraulic Plate Roll lists for $38,309.30 We sell it for $31,549.00
Baileigh Hydraulic Plate Roll Lists for $38,309.30 We sell it for $31,549.00

We offer you this Hydraulic Plate Roll for just $31,549.00


  • 61" forming width

  • 1/4" mild steel capacity

  • 3 driven rolls

  • Single pinch

  • Hydraulic back roll

  • DRO for back roll position

  • Foot pedal operated

  • 3.937" back roll adjustment

  • Top roll swings out for material removal.

  • Coning attachment available.

Baileigh Industrial is well known for their Made in the USA products with quality that makes them a demanded product line in the industries that they serve. We can help you choose the right slip/plate roll for your specific applications.


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