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When you talk about turning machines, ACER makes the cut. For over 20+ years we have been your authorized ACER dealer, and we can attest to the increase in quality, performances and the best overall pricing of these machines.

Their prices have remained very steady while their quality & performances have increased.

ACER offers their high precision engine lathe in both the gear-head style and the variable speed E-lathe™ with the high-speed inverter drive. Since there is a bulk of information on both types, we will do our deep dive into the ACER E-Lathe™


Pictured Left: Our ACER 1440V.

We sold this machine right off our shop floor.

That's how great a deal the ACER E-Lathe™ offers your shop.

The 1440V worked nicely for our rebuilding needs and the company that purchased it needed a lathe right away. They took a look at the 1440V and bought it on the spot.

The ACER E-Lathe is sold as "an E-Z Speed Lathe" and it lives up to its performances. We've sold many of them. Some to start ups and others to general machine shops.

But the main feedback we get is that the E-Lathe™ is a great machine for the money.

ACER likes to give customers their 10 good reasons to GO E-LATHE™

The 10 good reasons to buy an ACER E-Lathe™ Are:

This lathe comes with an infinite 36-2200 RPM (2 ranges) on the 14" series and infinite 42-2000 RPM (3 ranges) on the 17" series Constant Spindle Speed.

They have " The Easy Change"feature that results in No Time: (0-4 sec.).

The lathe's High Efficient 3HP (14" series) / 7.5 HP (17" series). with "LEESON" or "BALDOR" spindle motors results in their high torque output.

ACER went with a 5HP (14" series) / 10HP (17" series) CNC vector type AC frequency drive that results in no torque loss. As you can see the 14" series provides a good entry level turning machine for those that don't require more aggressive turning power. It gets the job done in it's abilities but if you need a more aggressive series, the 17" is a good choice.

The 17" series has the better specifications for more aggressive applications.

The 1760V Story:

We sold the 17" 1760V to a local customer who wanted a lathe to put in his shop.

He originally wanted a used lathe, but when he compared the pricing of a New 1760V to prices on used lathes, he went with the new one.

Knowing that he had a full year's warranty and that we support our machine sales with our experienced technicians as the service agent, he saw the value, liked the pricing and decided to go with the 1760V E-Lathe™. He is very happy with his purchase, which allows him to produce his parts without the fear of a worn used lathe breaking mid-job.

Another great reason to GO E-LATHE™ is the flexibility of the E- lathes. They can work on both single phase and 3 phase power, something that is attractive to many shop owners.

In addition, these powerful lathes have low maintenance costs and no down time due to fewer gears in the headstock. The E-Lathe™ also comes with constant surface speed, but has the option for a DRO upgrade.

Remember, too, ACER often offers "Special Package Pricing" which gives you more machine features bundled into one low price. Ask us about the "Special Package Pricing".

Working with Rossi Machinery Services you can easily upgrade to the standard DRO from ACER which usually is the NEWALL DP700 or ,if you want, you can purchase one from Rossi Machinery Services and have us install an ACU-RITE® or FAGOR digital readout systems.

We have done this for several customers who wanted the durability of ACU-RITE®. We are an authorized distributor so we understand the digital readouts systems very well.

We like the Electronic and mechanical brake for fast spin stops feature on the E-Lathes™ The E-Lathes™ also have no RPM gear changer break down and accurate readings on RPM prolongs your tool's life.

The final two reasons round out the great performance of these E-Lathes.

The Lathe uses up to 35% less energy cost, something that will help your bottom line.

And the spindle speeds can be adjusted to optimal conditions during cutting.

The E-Lathe with a swing over the bed going from 13" to 29 1/8"and distance between centers of 40" to 167.32", you have plenty of options to meet your specific applications.

And our expert machine technicians work closely with you providing their knowledge of machine tools so that you can better choose the right machine for your specific applications.

We are all about choices for our customers when selling our machine tools. Our rebuilding experiences provide you a unique look at how different machines will perform with different applications & programs.

In the end we want you to be happy with your E-Lathe™ We hope to obtain a return customer in you for all of your other manufacturing needs.

We sell most everything you might need for your shop. We support all our sales with our specialized technical support and services. Let us know if you would like an E-Lathe™ brochure or quote.


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