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ACER provides the extra quality in their castings,  and  assembly and builds. They make a great machine tool
From the machine's cast to the design & build, ACER puts quality into their machine tools.


In our last blog we discussed and gave an overview of the inspection process, the quality machine parts used, and how ACER's high standards for their final product. Not all machines are built this way and they do not last, they are not able to be rebuilt, & no parts are available for these machines, leaving the customer to purchase another new machine. This is not true of ACER.

Here we continue The Why Buy an ACER:

Today, we want to discuss the actual materials and treatments that go into the casting & how these features make ACER Machine Tools a great purchase.

As our roots began in machine tool rebuilding, we like the way ACER builds their machines. They build their machines, like we rebuild a machine with high quality materials, a commitment to precision new machine tolerances & a dedication to the final product's performance ability.

These are all factors that go into making a machine tool a machine that will last.

ACER ensures that the tables, knees are fit with the closest of tolerances.
ACER machines, grinds, and fits to specific high quality tolerances.

Starting with the actual casting, ACER uses an extremely high quality MEEHANITE Casting and it is treated with an annealing process to eliminate internal stress prior to machining. (see the picture above).

The Z Axis and guide-line surfaces, including the dovetail ways are induction hardened to reach Rockwell C 52°.

Giving you more detail on the machine we see that the milling heads are machined by CNC machining centers to ensure a quality performance.

The foundations of accuracy begin with these basic standards, tolerances, such as squareness, flatness & parallelism - all exceptionally important! They are milled and machined extensively on a planer-type contour milling or multi-axis machining centers.

All Tables: are machined with accuracy will be within 0.0012" & precision ground on top of the hardened table (HRC 52°) to reach 0.0008" flatness over the table's length.

All Knees: Milled with perpendicularly within 0.002" of each other. See picture to the right.

ACER provides precision grinding, hand scraping & excellent tolerances in their machines.
From precision grinding, hand scraping & excellent tolerances, ACER makes a great machine

Precision grinding, and hand scraping are the key to a great machine. They ensure that the precision tolerances are kept, making the assembly easier & the machine's performances, longevity, and its resulting parts in production excellence. A. Before the saddle is fit onto the knee the saddle is scraped and fit to the table and saddle, ensuring that the maximum lateral movement will be no more than 0.0004".

B. All the turrets are scraped to maximize the contact surfaces between column and ram. With solid contact areas, an ACER milling head will not move during heavy cutting.

As we hand scrape, grind & check tolerances in all of our machine tool rebuilds, the result is a machine with an extended life (many of ours are over

25 +years on the floor) and their production parts are still accurate.

Scraping, checking, fitting and aligning all make for an excellent machine. Not all machines carry these quality standards.

It takes a well built machine, with accuracy, precision & quality built into the machine to get the performances that make you more efficient, competitive, & give you a great return on your investment.

ACER is that machine tool company that offers both an affordably priced machine with excellent quality, performance and longevity. ACER often offers their

"SPECIAL PACKAGE PRICING", offering some of their options for free. The result is more machine for less money. Ask us what special package price comes with any of their machine tools.


Automotive Paint is used and provides a easy to clean machine with lasting quality finishes.
Automotive Paint is utilized & makes for easy cleaning & a lasting finish.

It might seem insignificant but it really does make a difference when building or re-building a machine tool. The finish of the machine is not only aesthetic but will help the machine to keep from rusting and provides for easy cleaning.

Automotive paint is what we use on our machine tool rebuilds and every rebuild gets painted unless the customer specifically says that they do not want it painted. The automotive paint is by far the hardest, a long-lasting paint that stands up to the harsh environments of a machine shop.

Finally the attachments, accessories, and tools add to the value of your machine. ACER offers many different accessories to compliment their machine tools and often they come with No Charge in a package pricing.

Working with Rossi Machinery to get the best package pricing, support and service makes your purchase so much easier and provides peace of mind that you have the expertise of our technicians to back up, support & service your purchase. ACER offers the standard NEWALL 2 - axis DRO system but we offer the option of ACU-RITE® or FAGOR and we install, support & service them as we are distributors for them as well.

ACER goes the extra mile, keeps the price down, and we offer the best customer support & services around. Call Today. 866-622-4488


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