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DEEP DIVE:ACER Machine Tools are Built with Quality!


DEEP DIVE: ACER Machine Tools are built with quality and we can show you how! Going above and beyond has made ACER a great choice.

Unlike some of the inexpensive machine tools that are often found in the industry, ACER's Machine Tools are affordably priced but carry the extra features that sets them above others in quality & performance.


ACER Group was incorporated in 1985 with two USA facilities located in California (Springwood Industrial) and New Jersey (Klim Industrial), along with a factory in Taiwan.

They are the leading Taiwanese manufacturer of metal cutting machines with a full product line of vertical machine centers, CNC bed/knee type mills, precision manual mills, surface grinders and engine lathes. ACER Group is committed to providing comprehensive service and support for total customer satisfaction.

As their authorized dealer, we have the same dedication to quality, customer support & customer satisfaction that gave both ACER & ROSSI MACHINERY, the reputation for excellence.

ACER E-MILL for our customer's start-up manufacturing company
ACER E-Mill for our customer's start-up manufacturing company

Today, we explore the E-MILL™ as an example of the extra quality, detail and inspection of the ACER brand before it hits your production floor. Starting with their component parts, we will work our way through all of the build. Once you see the extra care made by ACER you will understand why ACER stands out in the machine tool world & why we highly recommend & sell them.


The First Quality Feature: U.S. manufactured "Baldor Super E" 3 H.P. motor, & pulley are individually balanced to eliminate vibration & excessive noise during operation.

ACER uses Baldor Super E motors & Allen-Bradley switches and push  buttons
Baldor Super E Motor & Allen-Bradley Switch for the electrical components.


ACER uses the "Allen-Bradley" US made switch and push buttons which carry the extra layer of quality & longevity.


Turcite Material extends the life and performance of your machine.
Turcite Material extends the life & performance of your machine

When it comes to a well built machine tool, it goes without saying that TURCITE "B" is in the equation.

TURCITE provides the easy of use on the machine allowing friction free movement. Longevity is increased with the use of TURCITE. In fact that is the material that we utilize in our machine tool rebuilds.

ACER Standards for these components.
See the standards that ACER demands.

Likewise the X axis, Y axis, Knee, RAM, Quill Travel & Spindle bore runout meet the exact tolerance for better performances. In addition, ACER utilizes a one-piece brake assembly & pulleys are indicated within 0.002" before the assembly, preventing excessive head vibration while in operation.

On almost all the mills, (except 3VS) table and knee are double locked to eliminate lateral rocking motion. Chrome plated precision ground quill and housing tolerance is controlled to within 0.0005" to ensure accuracy.

ACER's steps for the mill's inspection and assembly.
The Steps for inspection and assembly.

Hardened and ground X, Y, and Z axes, dovetail ways and table surfaces to reach Rockwell C 52°, all the extra touches that you need for a high performing & long lasting machine.


The lubrication system with point-to-point check (metering) valve on every terminal ensures lubrication oil gets to all slide ways and lead screws. This is a feature that will minimize component wear and prolongs the life and accuracy of the machine. Lubrication systems are the bloodline of the machine, keeping it running smoothly.

ACER's next steps in the inspection process.
Next Steps in the Inspection Process


With ACER there is a standard inspection process for each these machines.

The heads utilized on the mills are the same for the E-HEAD™, making the E-HEAD a very good way to upgrade your mill if a new mill isn't needed.

The E-Head™ fits on all Bridgeport mills and most imports. (we can help with the determination)

The E-Heads run efficiently, quietly, and smoothly. They have frequency drives which provide for infinite variable speeds.

Once the heads are assembled with the highest quality components, they are prepared for the next step which is installation on the machine.


Next ACER technicians assemble the saddle onto the knee and check for any miss -alignment or any irregularities.

Next comes the table.

ACER's technicians assemble the mills.
The Assembly of the milling machine.

SEE Figure E:

The addition of the ground finished lead screw with a double nut design ensures the smooth movement to keep backlash

within 0.005".

Once this step is performed and all the saddles and lead screws are fit perfectly, the table is loaded onto the saddle.

SEE figure F:

Final adjustment to the table movement can be made here. A check and re-adjustment of the table is the final assembly procedure before the final inspection that occurs with all of their mills.


ACER's final inspections and the standards that the mills must meet.
The Final Inspection and the Standards to Meet

With so much quality, accuracy & inspection baked into their machine tool building process, you can't go wrong with ACER Machine Tools. Each of their machine tools carry the same intent focus on quality and performance. With Rossi Machinery Services, you get a sales company that understands machine tool builds, the need for these extras, and provides the same quality customer service & support that made us a name in the machine tool rebuilding field. We make your purchase easy. And ACER often has "Special Package Pricing" which gets you more machine for less money. Call us today!


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