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Career in Manufacturing? YES Please.

For years manufacturing took a backseat to other college degree careers, that promised to be the answer for a good life.

But let's take a step back and then forward to see what makes a #career in #manufacturing so important and fulfilling, with little or no debt!

Check out this quick #manufacturingvictory video from the National WW2 Museum. It all starts with #making something that has lasting legacy.

From WWII to today, manufacturing is a career with so many possibilities.

Our career choice of manufacturing provided us with a great life, low debt and the pride that goes with #manufacturing, #repairing #rebuildingmachines.

We see in action the results of our work. There's no better feeling than to know that this machine tool now has extended productivity and we made that happen.

Our specialized skills provide our customers with #rebuiltmachines, often with upgrades in technology ,resulting in the type of performances they need to compete in this advancing industry.

Skills that manufacturing workers obtain set them apart from others.

They create, they #repair, they transform metal into a product , a part, or in the case of #WWII, the American worker helped to win the war through manufacturing the ships, planes, tanks, guns and more.

The pride that comes with "making something" from start to finish provides a satisfaction that many college careers just can't provide.

In WWII women joined the war effort, providing the additional work staff that kept the manufacturing process going while many men fought in the war .

Women made an impact here at home through manufacturing and helped to win the war. Today, women in manufacturing continues.

From the women in management, to the women on the floor, we take pride in knowing that we are providing the skills that may be called on for the national security for the United States of America. Manufacturing won the war; manufacturing is the backbone of our Country.

At Rossi Machinery Services, Inc.

Our staff is comprised of young workers who wanted a career where they felt fulfilled. They wanted to create something with their hands, from start to finish.

At Rossi Machinery, their job projects are their own, providing that sense of pride in knowing that your skills repaired or rebuilt a machine.

Seeing the result of your work is so satisfactory. And they obtained a career with no debt, working through our Apprenticeship program.

Our Staff knows:

Uptime is so important in manufacturing.

We are keenly aware of this issue and make your "machine tool down" status a priority.

Part of a repair may be manufacturing a new part.

With legacy equipment, we now see this happening more and more.

Our skilled technicians can troubleshoot, evaluate, and execute a plan to fix your machine tool.

With manufacturing, there is so many possibilities: From #medicalmanufacturing #aerospacemanufacturing, #NASA, #defensecontracting to #momandpopshops, there are so many types of manufacturing, product lines and different types of skills needed. Many manufacturing firms will #teachtheskills.

In our case, we are the #manufacturingservices company. Thinking about #engineering? There is a career in #manufacturingengineering too.

At Rossi Machinery, we feel pride:

We get to work in the most interesting facilities, on a large variety of machine tools that perform so many different duties. Learning what each manufacturer provides to the industry, is part of our interest.

From the #installation of a Millpwr G2 to leveling a G & L or Lucas, we switch gears to provide our customers the best in services.

Below: Giddings & Lewis leveling.

For those reading this blog who have yet to choose between a career in manufacturing or college, cover all your bases.

Challenge yourself to look at the #tradecareers.

Manufacturing needs skilled workers who can perform the skills needed to produce the equipment, parts, products and repairs needed to keep our Country competing on the world stage.

From the service to the shop floor manufacturing and beyond, there are so many possibilities.

In manufacturing job growth is a must as manufacturing advances with new technologies.

Advancement in companies is a real option for workers too. We need managers for the future who understand the changing face of manufacturing.

With the manufacturing industry moving into the future, there is no other career that has so many possibilities for a great life. Check it out!



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