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All Hands On Deck! The Wotan Machine Clutch Repair Job Starts Monday.

It's all hands on deck today as the WOTAN machine clutch repair job starts on Monday. This major repair was in the making for weeks. We are down to the final preparations to tackle this job head on!.

The Wotan Machine Clutch Repair Starts Monday.
The Wotan Machine Clutch Repair Starts Monday.


Pictured Left: Technician works on the Wotan machine tool. But Monday, we start to work on the Wotan's burned up clutches.

We must remove the spindle support from the back end & from there we will be able to replace the damaged clutches.

The crane is not near this portion of the machine so our solution for removing the spindle support includes our technicians manufacturing a crane of our own to lift the back off.

JET drill press used to drill the holes in this extra strong steel.
The JET Drill Press runs about $1499.00 & gets the job done easily.

Pictured Right: JET Drill press that we bought for our use. Jet is our new distributorship along with their affiliated companies.

As part of our own equipment we placed this powerful JET drill press on our floor & today it was the perfect piece of equipment to drill the holes needed. Naturally this crane needs to be very strong & we are using extra strong steel. The drill press had no issues with drilling the holes. We are so pleased with this drill presses' performance.

Safety is paramount and we go the distance for a smooth & easy removal on Monday.

Today's Start:

We started the day making the drill holes for our crane. Our technician, Bill, was tasked with this portion of the job.

The beams are laid out and are being designed as our lead technician, Trent, designed just for this job.

The main beams of our crane that we are building
The main beams for our crane are laid out while we work on building it.

Pictured Left. The beams are laid out to begin the process of building our crane for Monday. We will make this crane so it fits into the space allowed for removing the spindle support on the Wotan.

We will be using a couple more of JET's products to build this crane.

JET's #133110 is a one ton chain hoist that we bought for our crane. We sell them for JUST $362.00
JET's ID#133110 is a One-Ton Chain Hoist for our crane. We sell them for $362.00

We purchased the JT9-133110 One Ton Chain Hoist with a 10 foot lift. $362.00 from us.

This 2-PT 2-Ton heavy-duty manual trolley will be part of the new crane.
This 2-PT 2-Ton Heavy Duty Manual Trolley . We sell it for just $280.50 & we bought one for this crane

We needed a trolley for this project and purchased the 2-PT Two Ton

heavy-duty manual trolley. We sell this trolley for just $280.50

JET's 133210 2 Ton Chain Hoist 10' lift is just $545.00 when you buy from us.
JET's 133210 2 Ton Chain Hoist 10' Lift. We sell it for $545.00

This design requires Two Chain Hoists & Two Ton Trolleys. The other two hoists and trolleys

This chain hoist is a 2-ton chain hoist with a 10 foot lift. ($545.00). And the other 2-PT 2 Ton Heavy Duty Manual Trolley like pictured above. ($280.50).

technician works to make a gear for the American Lathe.
Lead Technician, Trent, works to manufacture a new gear.

Trent continues to work on the broken gear for the American Lathe while Mike Rossi & our technician, Bill, continue to follow Trent's plan for the Wotan job.

Trent will be lead on the Wotan clutch removal.

From designing his replication of the gear to turning up on our lathe to today's work, he keeps this job rolling along.

The American Lathe is in the checking stages. Being precise is what we do. We are almost ready to call the American Lathe complete. What a great feeling.

Mike Rossi will check it until he is pleased with the tolerances, & performance of the lathe.

Let the welding begin as we build this crane.
Let the welding begin as we build this crane!

Mike Rossi, our founder works to weld the crane from the steel we purchased.

While he takes on this job, checking his weld is important. This crane will be strong & operational when our staff is finished working on this crane.

Mike's Goal: To finish the crane and deliver it Friday so both technicians can start bright and early on Monday, October 16th.

Mike Rossi, founder of Rossi Machinery, welds the beams to build the crane for the Wotan Job.
Mike Rossi, Founder of Rossi Machinery, welds the beams to build our crane for the Wotan.

As always this is a team work when the job is big, involved & needs our professional talent when it comes to #machinetoolrepairs & #machinetoolrebuilds.

Working on these two projects: The American Lathe Rebuild & the Wotan Clutch repair is really rewarding because we see the job from start to finish, we plan, design & execute the job.

As this year starts to wind down we look forward to both providing our customers products #JET #baileigh #wiltonvises #ACERMACHINES #FryerMachines #edwardsironworkers #powermatic as well as the services will come with those sales.

Keep an eye out for both the #Americanlathe rebuild & #wotan clutch projects as we make progress. We are proud of all that we do!

Our expertise in machine tools, makes us a great source for new machines or equipment. Likewise our talent as a German-trained machine tool rebuilder, & our many services that we provide #manufacturing & #industrialcompanies continues. We take pride in everything we do. We support & service all we do. Our good name & reputation is important to us, so let's look forward to 2024 for you.

We provide machines, equipment, products & services to manufacturing & industrial companies.
We provide Machines, Equipment, Products & Services to Manufacturing & Industrial Companies. For a lot less!


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