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Up Your Game with an ACER E-HEAD™

When asked what can we do with our milling machine to improve its efficiency? We often say: "Let's start with the head." If you have a #steppulley #bridgeporthead, you most definitely need to read this post!

Gone are all the plastic keys, pulleys and old technology with the ACER E-Head™.

In their place? Technology that can actually solve your performance problems.

We sell A LOT of these heads.

They fit nicely on all #Bridgeports and almost ALL of Imported milling machines.

Our expert technicians can help you with determining this!

The #acerehead comes with:

  • A 3 HP high efficiency motor for high torque output.

  • CNC Vector Type A C Frequency Drive.

  • Infinite 0~4500 RPM Constant Spindle Speed. Change in No Time! (0-4 sec.)

  • The E-head™ can be run on Single or Three Phase without changing the wiring!

  • Low maintenance and downtime cost because of no plastic insert key and moving pulley.

  • NO RPM changer break down but accurate reading on RPM to prolong its life.

  • Electronic and Mechanical brake for High Torque Output

  • Boring and tapping application

  • Finally, you save on your energy costs up to 35%.

All this makes for a great solution to extending your mill's life. For Just $4,250.00 for the 3HP, R-8 Spindle 0~4500 RPM head, you cannot go wrong. Our machine tool technicians are fantastic salespeople; they know machines, sell only what they know is quality and we support all our product lines. See the flyer below: and call 866-622-4488 to order your new ACER E-Head™.

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