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This Start-Up Machine Shop Project is Almost A Wrap!

This start-up machine shop project is almost a wrap! In review we have a start-up #manufacturer in Mt. Gilead who is a new company with a great plan to manufacture their own product line! It's so exciting to us to work with so many different companies whether they are established or start-ups. Each has a great vision, and we are proud to be part of it with our products and services.

We have another update on our Mt. Gilead #startupmachineshop project. We offered them our very best solutions to assist in bringing this project to a reality. Budgets are important to everyone and they were no different.

Wanting this project to happen within stages we worked with them to allow this big undertaking to become their reality! And we couldn't be happier.

JET 415560 band saw is  a vertical/horizontal bandsaw
The JET 415560 Band Saw a great choice! Vertical or Horizontal use

The first and second stages have been completed as we helped them select the best equipment, machines and products for their new shop.

Our focus was on what they needed , not upselling for sales sake. We helped them spend their budget wisely. Pictured left: This bandsaw (vertical/horizontal) is priced well below $2,000. and will serve them well.

On some of their #machineshopequipment they didn't need the biggest & best & we told them so. Getting the equipment that does the job right is the most important factor.

Now as we are moving into the final stage of this exciting project, we can honestly say that this customer is set up for success.

Offering them more than just #machinetoolsforsale, we provided all the accompanying equipment. This box & pan break foot clamp is 40 x12Ga was less than $3,000.00

40 x 12Ga Box & Pan Brake Foot
This 40 x12Ga Box & Pan Brake Foot was on the must have list.

We assisted them in selecting an #industrialgrindersander, a #Baileigh #migwelder, a #grinding #stand, coolant and finally an #ACER #MillingMachine.

Delivered this week: #ACER3VK

ACER 3VK is a 10 x 50" milling machine under 13K with extras
ACER 3VK on the floor of the new shop in Mt. Gilead

ACER E-Mill 3VK 10"x50" Table with 2 Axis DRO and X axis Power Feed


* 3 HP Inverter Duty Spindle Motor and Frequency Drive

* Digital RPM Display

* Spindle Safety Feature prevents a spindle restart after power loss.

* Precision R-8 Spindle with ABEC-7 Spindle Bearings

* Precision X, Y and Knee Axis Hardened and Ground Dovetail Ways.

* 2-Step Electric/ Manual Brake

* Manual One Shot Lube System

And we chose a great DRO system that will work nicely within their budget and on the mill. We will install it on the machine. With ACER Machine, you get a very well built machine with a price that works for you. With Rossi Machinery you get a partner in your success. We like finding solutions to your company's needs. One size does not fit all. Budgets are not all the same, but Rossi Machinery Services' commitment to your success is the same for all of our projects.

ACER 3VK is under 13K
ACER 3VK is a 10 x 50" table milling machine & comes with extras

Once we get the DRO system we will return and install it and check on the project.

Making sure that they have all they need, we help to ensure that the #equipment is set up correctly, that they have the accessories or other #machineshop products that they might need and things are running smoothly.

This start-up machine shop project is almost a wrap! And we just can't wait to see the finish project and provide you pictures.

Their success will be ours too. We hope that you will stop back and see the "set-up" pictures that will be coming.

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