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Our Machine Tool Services Cover a Lot of Ground.

Lead Technician, Trent Hitchcock, levels this G&L.
Lead Technician, Trent Hitchcock, levels this G&L

At Rossi Machinery Services, Inc., our services cover a lot of ground.

Starting in the late '80s with our part-time company, we saw a need for a product/service company who had a mission that would focus on customers' specific needs. #customerservice.

At that time, everything was streamlining into one size fits all with little or no customer service being provided.

By 1995, Mike Rossi, our founder, established his company, Rossi Machinery Services ( #rossimachineryservices ) as a product & service company that focused on individualized, affordable solutions and services. It was immediately welcomed by the many #manufacturers, #machineshops & other #industrialcompanies. Mike took his idea that every company has a different budget, different applications, different machining equipment and different workers with varying skill levels as what would set Rossi Machinery Services apart from our competitors.

That hasn't changed for us.

Our Jet Tools and Equipment offer the best prices and in many cases free shipping. Ask us
Our Jet Tools & Equipment offer best prices and in many cases Free Shipping. Ask Us.

 In a world that is becoming more hit and run for parts, equipment and services, we are different.

Legacy equipment is becoming more of an issue as time goes by. And we are keenly aware of this.

That's why we offer new machine tools, industrial equipment sales and machine tool repairs, rebuilds & other services.

We want to be your one-stop-shop.

Going the distance, Trent Hitchcock, our lead technician, devises and builds this crane to ensure a safe removal of the gears on this Wotan Machine.
Going the distance, Trent Hitchcock, our lead technician devises and builds a crane to work on this Wotan's clutches in its head.

Getting the job done right has been our focus from the start of Rossi Machinery Services. Our services include work on the biggest machine tools such as G & L machines and the like.

But we don't limit our focus on just big jobs, we help plenty of small #manufacturingfirms with their #machinetoolrepairs or #machinetoolrebuilds.

Below is our latest #machinetoolrebuild: #americanlatherebuilt Starting with the top left, this lathe had great bones which made it a good candidate for a #completemachinerebuild

Each step in this rebuild included the indicating, scraping and working to return this machine to new machine tolerance. It was both a successful and great project to complete.

Bottom right shows this #americanlathe ready to be returned to the company. This machine is back in production providing the excellent tolerances needed for the turning process.

Our rebuilding is done in the German-style of rebuilding. Our apprenticeship was under gentlemen from Germany who passed along their skills to Mike Rossi who passed them along to Trent Hitchcock, our lead technician. Doing it right has always been our motto.

Not every rebuild is done with such precision, care and skill. We have seen companies put a finish on the machine without working to fix the machine's geometric build. Returning a machine tool to its original tolerances takes more than a coating. That's why our rebuilds are still on the production floor 25+ years. We approach our repairs, leveling, installations and #readoutinstallations with the same precision that we rebuild.

We can be your general contractor. Assembling the best for your machine installation.
Working as the General Contractor on Mazak Installations.

Do it right the first time. We ensure that our work has quality and performance.

We have been contractors on jobs whereby we coordinate all the vendors to comply with our standards of excellence. To us that is the only way. This Mazak installation for a defense contractor in Akron, Ohio was a large, expensive & long process. Under the leadership of Mike Rossi who chose the best vendors for the foundation, electrical and assembly, this company not only used us often but until they relocated closer to their main facility, we were in charge of both the new machine installations, but also keeping the legacy equipment running for jobs that were making parts for the submarines and other marine warfare.

We sell, support, install, and service but also teach your employees on the new product.
Selling, Installing, servicing but also teaching -that's our mission.

Teaching your staff is important. We know our products and are always looking to educate your staff.

What good does the product, machine, measuring system or upgrade do your staff if they do not know how to utilize the technology.

Customer Service, Customer-focus, Real Solutions, and Affordable Solutions is what we do. Give us a call to discuss your project.

With Rossi Machinery Services we sell but we also service and that gives your company choices. We are here to help. E-mail Mike Rossi: or

Call Toll Free: 866-622-4488.


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