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We delivered this Heidenhain order to our customer.
We delivered this HEIDENHAIN order right to the customer's door!


When we say that we follow your purchase all the way through the sale, we mean it!

This HEIDENHAIN order was a big one with double the scales, cables, & more.

Sold to a machine tool builder, we worked with them to ensure that they received all the products to make their project successful.

Our staff understood that this order had many parts, such as housings, cables, scanning units, each individually sold.

Each part had to be doubled since this machine tool is that large!

Our expertise in measuring & feedback comes from a long history of working on & rebuilding machine tools, our long & successful years as a quality HEIDENHAIN distributor & finally our expansive knowledge of the manufacturing field .

This customer knew that going with the HEIDENHAIN brand, they were getting the most precise, highest quality measuring system in the industry. Working with them was a pleasure. We easily understood their needs & how this system was to work, making their ordering easier.

Heidenhain carries all the products for every industry
Heidenhain has all the products for every industry


Heidenhain tape scales
The HEIDENHAIN's tape scales measure very long distances.

HEIDENHAIN covers the entire machine tool industry , medical, defense, aerospace, robotics and continues to evolve with the most important industries of the future. The need for accurate measurement is becoming more important than ever with the newest advances in manufacturing, aerospace, defense, robotics and medical research.

The new TNC7
The new TNC7

Rotary Encoders, Linear Encoders, Signal Converters, Controls, Digital Readout Displays, Robotics and so much more. If you are in need of accuracy from trusted sources, think HEIDENHAIN & ROSSI MACHINERY SERVICES.

We delivered this Heidenhain order today
We delivered this large HEIDENHAIN order today

This order was one that had to be built, making a while to be shipped from Germany, therefore, it was important to us to make this delivery today.

They now can move forward with their project. And we thank them for their patience, and their business.

We look forward to working with them again!

If you need accurate measurement, think HEIDENHAIN.

If your project needs accuracy, but maybe not as precise as a HEIDENHAIN, think about ACU-RITE®, our other valued distributorship.

We have all the products & services that will increase your efficiency, save you money in the long run, providing you that competitive edge you need in this industry! Call Today

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