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DEEP DIVE: Baileigh's Radial Drill Presses are a Step Above Others.

Today's Deep Dive is into the Baileigh's Radial Drill Presses and they are a step above others. With so many options from Baileigh we thought that we would take a look at two that we think are excellent contenders for anyone's shop.

RD-1600H -VS:

Baileigh's Variable Speed Radial Press
Baileigh's Variable Speed Radial Press

The first drill press is a variable speed radial drill that is just a step up from your conventional radial drills. It is very suitable for medium & small parts in drilling, spot facing, counter-boring & tapping, etc.

An ideal machine that is suitable for single work piece machining and batch production in the machining workshop, maintenance workshop & tool production workshop. It is Inverter driven, variable speed with 38 to 2000 rpm. It comes with a heavy duty, oversized spindle and an integrated coolant system with an easy to reach switch. Finally this radial drill has a hydraulic clamping for column, arm and spindle box and a power down feed.

  • Max. Drill Capacity: 2-1/2" (No. 45 steel). & 2-7/8" (HT200 cast iron)

  • Max. Tapping Capacity: 1-3/4" (No. 45 steel) & 2" (HT200 cast iron)

  • Distance from Spindle to Column Center: 13-3/4" to 63".

  • Diameter of the column: 13.7"

  • Spindle Taper: MT5

  • Spindle Travel: 12-3/8"

  • Spindle Speed Range: 38 to 2000 rpm (variable)

  • Range of Spindle Feeds: .0024" to .0394" in/rev.

  • Spindle Feeds: Inverter Driven.

  • Distance Between Spindle Nose & Base. 13-3/4" to 49-1/4"

  • Table Size: 24.8" x 19.6" x 19.6"

  • Base Size: 94.4" x 39.3" x 7.8

  • Overall Size: 98" x 40" ~ 96" x 103" ~112" A counting for Beam Movements.

  • Travel Speed: 47.2 in/min. (arm movement).

  • Motor: 5.25 hp

  • Power: 220V 3-phase

See it on our website. Click Baileigh products or give us a call to discuss this great machine.


RD-1600H Hydraulic Drill Press
RD-1600H Hydraulic Drill Press

The next drill press for review is the RD-1600H Hydraulic Radial Drill Press. This drill press proports that it is the drill press for those that are looking for a large drill press with a really large Y swing.

It has a 2" maximum drilling capacity and built with a heavy duty construction. The column is a large 63" with power down feed and a MT5 spindle.

The worktable is boxed shaped and includes a spindle protection cover, quick chuck, tapping chuck, and industrial coolant system, & work light. It's 220V and 3-phase.

  • Max. Drill Capacity: 2"

  • Distance from Spindle to Column Center: 13.7" to 63"

  • Diameter of Column: 13.7"

  • Spindle Taper: MT5

  • Spindle Travel: 12.4"

  • Spindle Speed Range: 25 to 2000 rpm.

  • Range of Spindle Feeds: .001" to .125"

  • Spindle Feeds: 16

  • Distance Between Spindle Nose & Base: 12.6" to 48"

  • Table Size: 24.8" x 19.6" x 19.6"

  • Base Size: 94.4" x 39.3" x7.8

  • Overall Size: 98" x 40"~96" x 103" ~112" Accounting for Beam Movements.

  • Motor: 5.25 hp

  • Power: 220V 3-Phase.

Both of these drill presses carry the quality that makes Baileigh a company that many of our customers look to for their equipment. Find out more about these two by checking the Baileigh link on the JET page or call us to see what your options might be.


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