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DEEP DIVE: How we help trade schools.

On today's DEEP DIVE, we discuss how we support, & help trade schools. As part of our #manufacturingstories we offer you a look at how we support, salute & provide #affordablesolutions to these great schools.

Trade school with Acu-Rite products
Trade School with Acu-Rite™ Products.

Pictured Right: an ACU-RITE™ FEATURED SCHOOL: ACU-RITE® & Rossi Machinery Services is dedicated to the promotion, enhancement, & education of workers in #manufacturing.

ACU-RITE® offers deep discounts on their full systems, and MILLPWR G2 control, making your manual #millingmachine a CNC. How does this help your students? First it is compact, powerful & comes with so many features that it is worth the money when teaching CNC education.

We are a factory-trained Millpwr G2 dealer.
Pictured: The G2 Control. We are factory -trained to install them.

Second: This control is a true CNC that is sold to many shops because of its dependable, hardy (manufactured to withstand the elements of contamination. It teaches the students easily with its full function DRO, intelligent power feed or a programmable CNC. Your students will learn how to go from manual mode, to fully automatic in seconds. We have installed & supported many in trade schools & business. Our expertise & support makes buying from us easy!

This Trade School chose both the MILLPWR G2 & the ACER E-mill for their program.

ACU-RITE® offers a 25% Discount on the G2 system to all types of trade schools, community colleges & career centers. We are factory-trained for installations.

Career Center teaching manufacturing with the ACER mill & the Millpwr G2.
Picture of a Career Center using both ACER & the Millpwr G2. They go hand in hand.

Likewise, in addition to the Millpwr G2 savings, we offer the ACU-RITE® discounts for schools as part of the "Discounts for Teachers" program.

ACU-RITE® 's family of digital readout systems are 35% off to schools.
ACU-RITE®'s Family of Digital Readout Systems. They are offered to schools at a 35% discount

The ACU-RITE® Digital Readout Systems are offered at a 35% Discount on their full systems. With DRO203, & DRO300, this savings is unbeatable.

ACER E-Head™ makes a great improvement on your mill. It has great technology!
There's no better way to upgrade a mill without completely replacing it. The ACER E-Head™ offers great technology.

What else do we do for our trade schools? We support them with service & machine tools. As an authorized ACER MACHINE TOOL dealer, we have placed many mills & lathes in local schools.

Can't afford to replace the mill? We suggest upgrading its technology with an ACER E-Head™.

ACER E-HEAD™ is installed on a mill at Knox County Career Center.eer Center
Knox County Career Center is a Great Choice in a trade Schools & We provide them products & services.

What else do we do for our trade schools? We support them with service & machine tools. As an authorized ACER MACHINE TOOL dealer, we have placed many mills & lathes in local schools.

Pictured Right: Local Career Center added an ACER E-Head™ to replaced their old milling head.

Rossi Machinery Services' technician works on the Millpwr G2
Rossi Machinery Services' technician programs the G2.

All our sales customers like that we not only can sell them but we understand them, support them & service them.

We are a sales & service company with an excellent reputation for customer service, affordability, & support!

And finally, in Ashland, Ohio & the surrounding area there are so many great choices in manufacturing education.


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