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Each product line was selected by Mike Rossi for their quality, durability & their price point.

Viking Drills and Taps are made in the USA and are another machine tool accessory that we provide our customers.  The Gator Chuck line offers the best in turning chucks. With them we provide the AUTOGRIP® power chucks for those companies that need a power chuck. 

We are firmly committed to finding solutions that fit your budget & make a difference. 

Viking drills and taps


America's finest high-speed cutting tools!  VIKING is proudly made in the USA.  

Since 1951, Viking Drill and Tool

  • Find out about the complete line of Viking drills & taps.  We carry many in stock!

  • Viking-Tap Drill Size Chart


    GATOR CHUCKS: Gator Chucks are singularly focused on Rotating Workholding products, and NO one in the industry can match our expertise and service.
    • Gator is produced to a DIN/ANSI standard in one of the most advanced chuck manufacturing environments on the planet.
    • World class Milling, Turning and Grinding Centers, premium Raw Materials, and state of the art Heat Treat systems are matched with an Engineering prowess that provide built in assurances of consistent world class quality product.
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    AUTOGRIP® makes a high -quality power chuck for all your needs.

    Built with high rigidity, and precision you will not be disappointed by their performance, making your turning applications exact.  

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    AutoGrip-HighSpeed Closed Center Power Chuck
    AutoGrip- AirChuck
    Autogrip four-jaw power-chuck.
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    Here at Rossi Machinery Services, we make providing all the machine tool products: CNC and Manual Machine Tools, Digital Readout Systems, the many machine tool accessories: chucks, drills, taps, lubricants as well as HEIDENHAIN, ACU-RITE® & other measuring systems & attachments are mission to you.


    Our expertise in machine tools, and their accessories, measuring and positioning brings a unique prospective when buying a CNC or manual machine tool or machine tool accessories.  We are your authorized HEIDENHAIN, ACU-RITE® distributor for over 25 years. 


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