We provide world-class services to the manufacturing field.  Our roots are in our German-style of rebuilding, and from this point expands to our services & the products that we sell.  We are experts at machine tools, making the rebuild, repair or the purchase of one of our new machine tools a positive, informative & process.

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Why does our German-styled rebuild carry so much more quality than other rebuilding processes?
Our focus is on the original intended machine geometry. 
  • Machine tool geometry is our focus. 
  • ​From returning the machine back to new machine tolerances based on the machine's geometry, we often add the new technologies to these older machines, increasing their productivity, technology & performances. 
  • Our rebuilds carry a longevity, performances & productivity -some over 20+ years. 
  • We call our quality rebuilds NuBuild by ROSSI.  

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 Parker Majestic Grinders for a large corporation performed in our rebuild center.  Working to return these 4 grinders to their new machine tolerances. 
  • Our process is precise, checking that all systems, machine surfaces, & integrations work in unison. 
  • The Parker Majestic Grinders are just one example of our rebuilds.
  • Find out about all of our machine tool rebuilds. We have over 30+ years of rebuilding machine tools. 


The Bridgeport Rebuild is a common machine tool rebuild for us.  Many companies need to increase the mill's accuracy. 

  • Did you know that often times you can keep your mill performing with a rebuild? 

  • Some clients want to keep their Bridgeport due to the excellent quality of these legacy Bridgeports. 

  • Taking their mill into our rebuild center & rebuilding takes a few weeks, however, we return the mill to your shop with new machine tolerances. 

  • Often, we are asked if we have a Bridgeport mill in our machine inventory that can be rebuilt to the client's specified wishes, the answer is YES. 

  • Find out how we can help you out with your mill. 

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Along with the sales of our distributorships of HEIDENHAIN, ACU-RITE, & FAGOR product lines, we are your installation specialist.
  • We are the technicians that will support these fine digital readout systems & other products.
  • We are your sales, support, installation specialists, & troubleshooting technicians with all our measuring/feedback systems product lines. 


From the largest machine tools to a lathe or a small machining center, our staff is trained in the installation, leveling & alignments of your machine tool.  With our expertise in most every machine tool there is not much we haven't dealt with.  
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Did you know that when you purchase your machine tool from us you will get our expertise in installing, aligning & leveling of that machine tool?  
  • Your salesperson is a trained machine tool technician, making your sales experience one that provides great detail, educating information, & common-sense offerings. 
  • From the sale comes the installation, leveling & training.  We are your full service provider.
  • Pictured Right:  LeBlond Lathe sold to Akron customer.  From the sale came the installation by the technician who sold the lathe.  You get the full service from us - Start to Finish!
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Our services cover a lot of ground. We make machine tool maintenance our focus, but we sell & service all of our product lines.
  • From the mom & pop manufacturers to the largest companies, we have serviced them all.
  • Our reputation for quality is well-known.  We take time to listen & troubleshoot your problems.  
  • We realize that budget costs are important so we try to find parts, solutions & repairs that will keep your machine tool running.
  • Mike Rossi knows what it means to have a budget to work with & he knows the need for uptime.  Our customer service is unsurpassed.