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Developing Innovative Solutions  For Your Shop:

JET Saw sold to a start up and was in their budget
  • We know a little bit about working within a budget.

  • Most of our customers have a fix amount dedicated to finding a solution.

  • Our customers continue to come back to us year after year because they know that we will provide them their best options, great pricing, our world-class support & services, that continue long after the sale.

  • Keeping you as a long-time customer is our mission.

Remora Carbon's ACER and E-mills that we sold them.
Edwards 55 Ton Ironworker
Heidenhain Linear Encoder are sold by us
BAILEIGH_BA9-1021971 welder is for sale
Wilton Industrial Vise for sale
Wilton Clamping Set
Mike Rossi -open for business
Our recent machine tool rebuild: American Lathe
Rossi Machinery Service Center
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