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Wheel Variable Radius Belt Grinder.

Wheel Variable Radius Belt Grinder

  • Runs on 110-volt single-phase power, compatible with practically any fabrication site
  • 3 contact wheels—all varying radii—accommodate a wide variety of grinding jobs
  • Adjustable, rotating wheel gives you the choice of 1", 1.5”, and 2" diameter for the perfect finish on any part
  • 2 fixed wheels with 3.375” and 7.875” diameters respectively
  • Includes 3 grinding tables to match up perfectly with the different diameters of the contact wheels
  • Quick-release handles for fast conversions
  • Built from only top-quality components, like sealed bearings and ground and hardened shafts
  • Robust stand allows you to tilt the grinder on its side for access on those awkward grinding situations
  • Recommended for: Smoothing over burrs on metal, chamfering edges for welding, and cleaning up castings, among other uses.
SKU: BA9-1000655
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