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Roll Bender

Roll Bender

  • This ring roller bender runs on 220-volt single-phase power and bends a maximum capacity of 2.75" round tube and 2” schedule 40 pipe
  • Works with 3 rolls: 1 top forming roll and 2 driven bottom rolls
  • You can operate the R-M55H in 2 positions: vertical, for small rolling projects, and horizontal (on its back) for longer sections of material
  • Independent, easily movable control pedestal lets you adjust the top roll’s positioning and program stops
  • Digital readout tells you the exact position of the top shaft to ensure simple repeatability for production runs
  • Direct gearbox drive system delivers mighty full torque even when bending at full capacity
  • Foot pedal control lets you conveniently switch between forward and reverse modes
  • Variable-speed inverter allows you to adjust the rolling speed to suit your material and project
  • Comes standard with roll sets that you can configure to suit many applications
  • Constructed from heavy steel plate to maintain accuracy and minimize flex
SKU: BA9-1006859
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