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Powermatic short bed lathe
  • Powermatic-Short Bed Lathe

    • This Powermatic -short bed lathe ID#: PM9-1792020 has a lot of great features to consider when looking to purchase a woodworking lathe: 
    • Sliding headstock with electric variable speed 
    • Digital RPM readout for accurate speed adjustments
    • Tailstock has internal storage for additional accessories & attached tool caddy allows convenient access to centers & wrenches 
    • Spindle lock & built-in spindle indexing on the headstock for drilling hole patterns, routing flutes & other equally spaced features 
    • Two position mount for the optional bed extension 
    • Chrome-trimmed handwheels are ergonomic for a comfortable feel 
    • Guard included
    • Accessories are also available 
    SKU: PM9-1792020
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