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Multi Function Inverter MIG

Multi Function Inverter MIG

  • Portable IGBT Inverter stick welder
  • Dual voltage can run on 120 volt or 230-volt single-phase power - High Open Circuit Voltage
  • Intelligent voltage sensing – This welder knows what voltage it is plugged into and (when plugged into 120V) will limit the output of the welder
  • Step-less Current Adjustment - adjustments are infinite and do not “click” between only a few options
  • Thermal Overload Protected, will shut down welding if its temperature is too high - Fan Cooled
  • Anti-Stick / Hot Start - automatically increases output at the beginning of a weld to pre-heat the weld and electrode
  • Arc Force, keeps arc more stable, with less sticking when the electrode is close
  • Lift ARC TIG capable – Torch not included
  • Generator safe and will tolerate large voltage variations
  • Includes electrode holder, ground clamp, 6-50P 250V plug, and adapter to 120V plug
SKU: BA9-1021967
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