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Manual Dual Mitering bandsaw

Manual Dual Mitering Bandsaw

  • Available in 220-volt triple-phase or 440-volt triple-phase (special order) models
  • Digital readout shows the blade speed. Adjust the dial to use the same settings for multiples of a part
  • Accepts large 1.25” blade (included) for speed and accuracy paired with our patented blade tensioning gauge that simplifies the process of checking and adjusting the tension
  • Inverter drive lets you adjust blade speed: 69 to 306 fpm and includes a material stop for conveniently making repeat cuts
  • Miters 45° left and 60° right by pushing or pulling the head to the angle you need while roller infeed and outfeed table enables you to slide the material to and from the blade, saving strain
  • Industrial reduction gearbox transmission makes the saw more reliable than one with a belt and pulley system
  • Quick-lock vise has serrated jaws that grip onto round material, preventing it from spinning and ruining a blade
  • Hydraulic descent allows you to select the proper speed with an automatic shut-off system that stops the machine once it’s done cutting, for your safety
  • High-pressure flood coolant system washes away chips and helps the blade last longer with huge chip tray at the bottom that collects debris and keeps your shop clean
  • Rigid cast iron bow adds to the structural strength of the machine and reduces vibrations with the help of the electro-welded steel frame that keeps vibrations down to a minimum, so your cuts stay straight and accurate
  • Contact us for availability 
SKU: BA9-1001292
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