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Jet Air filtration unit

JET -Air Filtration Unit

  • Constructed of metal for years of use
  • Helps to extended the service life of the air conditioning equipment in the shop
  • Fully enclosed ball bearing motor with overload protection for long, dependable service
  • Pleated fiber air filter is 99% effective with filtering fumes, oil mist, and water vapor based on 8 to 10 micron size particles in the air
  • Two-filter system with air diffuser disperses outgoing air into a broader pattern
  • Filters dust, smoke and oil mist in a closed or air conditioned workshop
  • Metalworking-specific outer filter that attracts more oil mist, smoke and dust generated during the metal processing, which could effect the health of the machinist, especially in closed areas of the workshop (available for the IAFS3000 only)
  • Adjustable exhaust directs the air where you want it for optimal circulation
  • CSA/US: Following strict guidelines and electrical requirements, this JET Industrial Air Filtration System is CSA/US Certified
  • Remote-start, radio frequency with timer 1 to 9 hours, automatically shuts system off at the end of the time setting
  • Inner filter is made in USA and removable for easy cleaning
  • Four eye bolts allow you to hang unit from shop ceiling, all hardware included
  • Three air flow speed mode
  • Rubber feet prevent marring of the surface when placed on workbench
  • Optional equipments are available 
SKU: JT9-415100
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