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Hole Saw Tube & Pipe Notcher.

Hole Saw Tube & Pipe Notcher

  • Notches up to 2.5” OD
  • Our patented self-centering vise can clamp down anywhere on tube, including the middle of bends
  • A fully adjustable axis on this hole saw tube notching tool accommodates almost any notch combination
  • Carriage pivots up to 220° left to right, so you can come from the “back side” of the notch
  • 2 slotted mounting rails move up and down with scales for offset notches up to 1” and allow for almost any position of the bearing block
  • Large, engraved degree dial (or angle-finder) helps you get those back-side notches lined up
  • 1.25” Thompson® shaft rides in sealed and oiled needle bearings for smooth performance
  • Both ends of the shaft are completely replaceable to save you time and money
  • Heavy-duty .75” steel plate backbone and all-interlocking components create a rigid platform that reduces vibration and prolongs the life of the hole saws
  • All slots include caps to last longer
  • Contact us for avialability 
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