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Heavy duty semi-automatic cold saw

Heavy Duty Semi-Automatic Cold Saw

  • Accepts an 11” blade with a maximum capacity of 2.75” round tube at 90° and miters 45° right and 90° left, perfect for slotting applications
  • Cuts thin-, medium-, or thick-walled pipe, as well as tubing, extrusions, and solid bar stock with a stop rod that conveniently allows you to cut repeatable lengths
  • 3 hp motor requires 220-volt 3-phase power to run the direct-drive blade - You can switch between 2 operating speeds, 60 and 120 rpm, depending on your application
  • Design adds semi-automatic technology to our CS-275M cold saw, one of the best manual production saws available with an integrated coolant system that saves you money by extending the lifespan of cold saw blades
  • Heavy-duty cast iron head minimizes vibrations to give you high-quality cuts with smooth edges and head features all-metal gears that are ground and hardened for long life
  • Backlash adjustment lets you reduce play in the gears to maintain tight tolerances throughout many years of use
  • American-style self-centering vise keeps the material in the right position to the blade for perfect cuts
  • Pneumatic or air-powered vise spares you the trouble of locking the material in by hand
  • You can operate this circular cold saw in manual mode (pull down the blade head by hand) or semi-automatic mode
  • Blade will shut off and the head automatically rises back to the top once the cut is complete, eliminating the effort of manually returning it
SKU: BA9-1002447
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