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Hinged Planishing Hammer

Hinged Planishing Hammer

  • Hinged spine - Allows for quick opening of the throat area for hard-to-reach work areas.
  • 16 gauge mild steel capacity.
  • Adjustable throat depth; comes standard with 24".
  • Air motor runs on just 90-120 psi.
  • Completely rebuildable air motor lets you change the characteristics of the hit for your application.
  • Top and bottom supports have adjustable length for offset planishing.
  • Foot pedal operation leaves your hands free to move the material.
  • Includes 7 radius dies: flat, 2”, 3”, 6”, 8”, 12”, 24" and 36”.
  • Captured 2.5" dia. top die; rubber O-ring detent keeping the top die from falling out when the material is removed when the hinge is opened or when the material is removed
  • Automatic oiler keeps your machine running smoothly and saves you time on maintenance
  • Contact us for availability 
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