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Gear driven drill press

Gear Driven Drill Press

  • 3.5 hp motor runs on 220 volt 3-phase power
  • Drills a maximum capacity of 1.5" mild steel
  • Includes an auto tapping feature with a 1.3” capacity
  • Variable-speed drill press lets you select the correct setting for a project within the continuous range of 108 to 1800 rpm
  • Standard #4 Morse taper transfers power from the gear head to the material
  • Cast iron base and mighty 5.5" diameter steel column eliminate flexing for heavy feeds at max capacity
  • 20" x 16" table features large T-slots for a vise or fixture to hold material securely
  • Includes a chuck, coolant system and a flexible halogen work light as standard features, not upgrades
  • Protective shield around drill head keeps you and your shop safe
  • Contact us for availability 
SKU: BA9-1002872
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