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European Style Operated Cold Saw.

European Style Operated Cold Saw

  • Takes a 10” blade (included) with a maximum capacity of 2.5” round tube at both 90° and 45°
  • Spins at 54 rpm and powered by 110 volts, so you can plug it into any household outlet
  • European-style vise, with cam lock device, makes for fast loading and unloading of material, great for production
  • This style of vise also lets the operator see the material clearly
  • Vise supports the material on both sides of the blade, ensuring a clean, mill-like cut
  • Stop rod allows you to easily make repeat parts for production runs
  • Rigid, solid cast iron base reduces vibrations, so that the blade cuts cleanly and accurately
  • Cast base goes on top of a heavy molded steel stand, which puts the saw at a comfortable cutting height
  • Remove the stand, and you’ve got a portable unit that can make high-quality cuts anywhere
  • Flood coolant system improves the cut quality and prolongs the life of the saw and blades while the machine base holds the self-contained coolant tray
  • Contact us for availability
SKU: BA9-1002426
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