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Dual Column Semi Automatic bandsaw

Dual Column Semi Auto. Bandsaw:JT9-412400

  • Durability 
  • Heavy-duty construction reduces vibration & direction 
  • Built-in self propelled blade brush prevents chip build up in blade guides 
  • Coolant is distributed through the blade guides through an integrated coolant system 
  • Blade tension gauge helps to ensure the blade is in correct cutting position 
  • Two column design for more productive cutting
  • Powerful gearbox for long life 
  • Motor designed for continuous operation 
  • Safety 
  • Support devise activates if gear box reaches a high temperature 
  • LED work lamp 
  • Auto-shut off switch stops the sawing safety 
  • Leveling feet included for mounting the saw safetly to the shop floor 
  • Ease of use 
  • Large additional support for the work piece ensures a more precise cut 
  • Mechanical Variable speed allows quick & easy speed changes 
  • Hydraulic system allows the console to move vertically, allowing the used of a hydraulic vise that provides a powerful clamping force that ensures a secure fit 
  • Swing away control box allows operator to use in any position 
  • Semi-auto on saw bow lifting & hydraulic vise 
  • Easy frame height adjustment 
  • Optional Equipments are available 
SKU: JT9-413400
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