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Bead Roller

Bead Roller

  • 2 hp motor runs on 220-volt single-phase power and a 10” throat depth is suitable for working on the edges of material
  • Industrial-grade gearbox comes with a brake to maintain accuracy and foot pedal controls leave your hands free to guide the material. You only need one operator
  • Forward and reverse pedals help with delicate patterns that you want to go over
  • Movable steel plate depth stop provides a solid surface to guide you and produce straight beads
  • Top handle moves the top shaft vertically so that you can easily open it up and get the material in there
  • Includes 4 tooling profiles: round, shear, step, crimp rolls
  • Cabinet built into the base offers convenient storage for tooling
  • Adjustable depth on the bottom lets you get a custom profile by offsetting your rolls
  • Disengage the black handle to push the shaft back and forth and get your offset
  • Robust, fully welded steel frame ensures many years of accurate, reliable metal forming even at maximum capacity
  • Contact us for availability 
SKU: BA9-1012430
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