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Powermatic lathe
  • Powermatic Woodworking Lathe

    •  This Powermatic Woodworking Lathe: ID#4224B Lathe #1794224K has the following features that make it a great buy.
    • Sliding headstock with electronic variable speed and digital RPM readout for accurate speed adjustments
    • Spindle lock and built-in spindle indexing on the headstock for drilling hole patterns, routing flutes, and other equally spaced features
    • Vacuum system provides quick method of chucking bowl blanks
    • 15-amp quad receptacle for easy reach or powered accessories
    • Set of dead centers which hold a spindle for visual comparison
    • Quad system provides 115-volt electrical supply
    • Magnetic-backed moveable control box for customizable versatility and safety
    • Light and guard included
    • Optional accessories are also available 
    SKU: PM9-1794224K
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