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20 ton horizontal bending press.

20 Ton Horizontal Bending Press

  • 5 hp motor produces up to 20 tons of pressure.
  • 12” stroke length.
  • Horizontal bending press machine runs on 220-volt 3-phase power.
  • Industrial-grade hydraulic system is located on top of the metal press brake to reduce flex.
  • Designed for simple operation. In 15 minutes, anyone could learn to run it.
  • Control the bending stroke with the foot pedal, so your hands are free to guide the material.
  • Machined table, 39” high, keeps your material perfectly level. No need to hold one side and hope it’s lined up!
  • Quick-release tooling system makes changes fast and simple.
  • Includes Multi-V tooling (V-opening die and V post).
  • Many additional tooling sets are available. We can find the right one for your project or create a custom set, if necessary.
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