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12" Manual Ferrous Cold Saw

12" Manual Ferrous Cold Saws

  • Cast iron blade guard system permits quick & easy blade changes without removing the guards 
  • Quick clamping cam-action vise with adjustable grip & material support bar for burr-free cutting operations 
  • Hardened & ground direct drive worm shaft & bronze worm wheel transmits maximum torque to the saw blade 
  • Blade drive reduction gearbox operates in an oil bath for increased durability 
  • Heavy duty cast iron frame base with easy access storage provides a stable cutting platform
  • Flood Coolant system with a 1-1/3 Gallon coolant reservoir & pump with flow control system extends blade life 
  • Quick tension & release mitering capabilities with stops at 45° right, 45° left 
  • Fully adjustable material depth stop for sawing repeatability & increased production 
  • Other equipments are available 
  • Contact us for availability 
SKU: JT9-414227
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