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Your Milling Machine Just Got Better With Our SALE.

Looking for a way to make your milling applications better? Everyone would like better efficiency and the ACU-RITE® mill packages are a great way to do that. Until customers see what an ACU-RITE® system provides, they often file it under an unnecessary purchase, but we caution you to take a closer look, especially since they are on sale now.

Readout mounting brackets and scale brackets are included in all ACU-RITE® Kits and mounting spars are available at an additional charge. The DRO203 is our best seller because it provides additional applications without a big investment. Seeing the applications and the ease of use assists our customers in seeing the return on the investment. ACU-RITE® is so sure that you will see the benefit that they actually have the ROI calculator on their site for you to use.

Today we are offering two different Mill packages with the exceptional DRO203 package at a 10% discount. The first is the Bridgeport Mill package for a 9" x 42" table. It's a 2-Axis kit with a 12" x 32 " travel scales for $2,185.00. sale: $1,966.50 For just under $2,000.00 you can provide your mill with better technology, part finishes, less waste, all with an easy to learn program. Unlike some big catalog or warehouses, Rossi Machinery Services offers our technical assistance and support on all our sales. We care about what we sell and all our customers' satisfaction.

For your import mills we have the M203-1636 option with 16" x 36" travel scales. This kit is Sells for $2,245.00 but with the 10% off you pay: sale: $2,020.50

Need a larger travel? We can help & offer savings there too!

ACU-RITE® has such value in their products that often when people need to replace an old ACU-RITE® system it is so old that it is now obsolete! That's real quality. The ACU-RITE® systems have always been made in the USA and continue today, another great reason to purchase ACU-RITE®

We have been an Authorized ACU-RITE® distributor for way over 25 years. We also are a HEIDENHAIN distributor, not everyone can boast that, so you know we believe in the HEIDENHAIN product lines of which ACU-RITE® belongs. We make your project our focus, providing the support that you need long after the sale, another good reason to use Rossi Machinery Services your source for all your product needs.


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