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October is Manufacturing Month, We offer tips , products & stories.

Pictured an auto manufacturer.
Auto Manufacturing is just one type of manufacturing.

October is manufacturing month, we offer tips, products & stories as we celebrate #manufacturingmonth. Pictured right: #automanufacturing.

Every type of manufacturing produces products that make our lives better. From the automotive manufacturing, to virtually everything in your life comes from someone manufacturing it for you.

Food Manufacturing NAICS Code 333241
Food Manufacturing is NAICS Code 333241

Including but not limited to food production. NAICS CODE: 333241

Everywhere we look, everything we use is probably manufactured. #foodmanufacturing

Rossi Machinery Services is located at 1529 Cottage St. Ashland OH
Outside of Rossi Machinery Services

Our customer list covers all types of manufacturing & industrial companies. The JM Smucker Company has been on our list since we began over 28 years ago. So we meet the criteria for covering all types of manufacturing. This was always our mission -"to provide the highest quality products, machines, equipment & accessories at the most affordable pricing with our expertly trained staff supporting our sales & service. We work within your budget & offer support & service on what we sell - Not Every Distributor can offer this.

As many of you know we recently picked up JET products. Under the umbrella of JET comes #baileighindustrial products, #wiltonvises

Something for every type of business out there.

JET's Red Assurance 3-yea warranty
So many of JET's products carry long-term warranties. They are that good.

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We will be sure to offer the specials to you on these sites. The savings comes with us already selling JET & their affiliates at the lowest allowable pricing that JET allows.

We do this because we know that your budgets are tough- especially these days. But also we are not like other sales companies. We have experienced staff with the expertise to offer support, help find the right product/ or equipment. Several of the JET companies offer the same type of equipment but with different features. We can inform you on what will work best with your specific applications. AND many of the JET products come with 3-year warranties called the #JETREDASSURANCE. This gives you the peace of mind you need.

Rossi Machinery van is parked in front of our service centere.
Our van parked in front of the service center

And if there is an issue, Rossi Machinery Services is an authorized JET (and their affiliates) SERVICE CENTER.

Our reputation for such quality made it easy for JET to offer us this prestigious job.

Not all distributors are and certainly the catalogs, big box stores & online sales can perform all this at the lowest pricing allowed by JET.

Edwards 100 Ton Ironworker
Edwards 100 Ton Ironworker

Many of the product lines are #madeinamerica, have the high-quality & warranties that can make a difference in your business.

We are thankful for all the #startupcompanies, & seasoned companies that have already worked with us on the JET lines. Setting up a new facility, replacing broken equipment within a budget, & providing the support for all of this makes our job fulfilling.

JET is not the the only story of this year: Wooster, OH's world-class #medicalmanufacturer purchased their second ACER #ATM1054II due to their increasing productivity. But budgets always matter. We are proud of the solutions we find for everyone.

Our reputation is banked on this. And for over 30 years, which includes our business as a part-time, we have succeeded. What can we do for you?

Medical Manufacturer in Wooster, Ohio purchases two ACER BEDMILLS ATM1054II
Wooster, Ohio Medical Manufacturer purchased these two bed mills- ACER ATM1054II from us.


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