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Bridging the Gap Between ACU-RITE® & HEIDENHAIN Controls!

HEIDENHAIN is not the premier company for measuring & feedback by accident. Their never ending R/D benefits companies by increasing their competitive edge & saving them money. Whenever we can utilize products such as bridging the gap between ACU-RITE® & HEIDENHAIN controls, we see that as a huge benefit.

ACU-RITE®, part of the HEIDENHAIN family ,now offers a "Bridge The Gap" adapter kit to pair HEIDENHAIN to ACU-RITE® controls.

The Bridge Adapter Kit bridges the gap between ACU-RITE & HEIDENHAIN
ACU-RITE & HEIDENHAIN: Bridging the gap!

How does it work? The Bridge Adapter PCBA allows our Millpwr user base to interface a Millpwr or Turnpwr OEI console, or HEIDENHAIN's TNC 320 using the same AC system components ACU-RITE provides for bed mills.

ACU-RITE® Bridge Adapter Kit.
Pictured the Bridge Adapter Kit.

ACU-RITE's AC Servo Box provides the most commonly used machine interfaces for up to three controlled axes, plus spindle.


The HEIDENHAIN TNC 320 Contouring Control:

  • 6 control loops, including up to 2 spindles

  • Convenient programming in HEIDENHAIN Klartext or with G codes

  • Extensive machining and touch-probe cycle packages

  • Fast block processing time (3 ms)

  • Analog control technology.

The HEIDENHAIN TNC 320 can be ordered for small machine tool applications, such as a VMC with a tool changer, or a simple upgrade solution for a machine where the iron is still good but has an outdated control.

The specifications for this adapter are below. What is nice about this adapter is that it now allows for better interface of the different HEIDENHAIN & ACU-RITE® products.

The Bridge Adapter Kit's specifications.
The Bridge Adapter Kit specifications

The Bridge Adapter Kit can assist on adding the powerful HEIDENHAIN TNC control to schools, production environments and small shops where ACU-RITE® has been used in the past. Versatility, Interfacing, Flexible use of products all = better productivity, a wider range of usable products to meet your needs. Rossi Machinery Services is an authorized HEIDENHAIN & ACU-RITE Distributor, we offer more flexibility since not every company represents BOTH HEIDENHAIN & ACU-RITE. Our expertise in this field provides you the guidance and information that you need to get it right! Curious if this or another ACU-RITE® or HEIDENHAIN product will work with your machines? We can guide you.

ACU-RITE's Bridge Adapter
The Bridge Adapter

Just call, stop by or drop us an e-mail. We are here to help.

Mike Rossi: 866-622-4488 ext. 102 or 1529 Cottage Street Ashland OH 44805. We are right in the heart of it all!

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