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Today's Manufacturing Month's Focus: ACER's High- Precision Inverter Lathe.

Today's October Manufacturing Month Focus Topic is on the ACER E-Lathe, a High Precision Inverter Lathe. So much quality is built into this lathe.

Up close look at the ACER 1440V E-Lathe™
An inside look at the ACER 1440V E-Lathe™

The ACER E-Lathe™ , popular among our customers comes with lots of standard features that you will love. This powerful lathe performs with the best of them.

The standard package which includes the machine plus the standard features:

  • 1 -1/2"Spindle Bore & D1-4 Camlock Spindle Nose.

  • 3HP Spindle Inverter Motor.

  • "Toshiba" Vector-Type or "FUJI" 5 HP Frequency Inverter.

  • Infinite Spindle Speed: 36~ 2,200 RPM.

  • Power Supply: Accepts 220V / 1PH or 220V /3PH.

  • Precision Ground Gears & Spindle in the Headstock.

  • The Spindle is equipped with Precision Taper Roller Bearings.

  • Enclosed Gearbox & Feedscrew w/Built-In Safety Overload Friction Clutch.

  • New & Enhanced Design PC Board.

  • 9" Bed Width with a Hardened & Ground Bedway.

  • The Machine's NET Weight: 1,540 lbs.

  • ***Priced at Just : $12,350.00 *shipping costs are additional.

ACER E-LATHE 1440V. on our shop floor
ACER E-LATHE 1440V on our floor

ACER is great at offering Special Package Pricing which offer you more machine for your money. The 1440V is no exception.

ACER is offering a Special Price of $14,470.00 as this machine's special package pricing. **Note: Shipping is additional.

This special package includes all the Standard Features that come with the machine but also includes a 2-Axis DRO. Since we are authorized distributors for Fagor Automation & ACU-RITE® we suggest changing out ACER's standard Newall with either of these systems.

ACU-RITE® DRO203 is a great choice in a digital readout system.
The ACU-RITE® DRO203 has so many great features .

Both the FAGOR & ACU-RITE® offer you the precision of glass scales, making it much more accurate. We have worked with all three systems and by far the glass scale is more precise, built a bit better & can withstand most challenging of turning applications.


ACER offers plenty of upgrades to your new ACER 1440V. Choose from the following:

  1. "ALORIS" Tool Post & 4 -holder set (#2-BS) $900.00

  2. "ALORIS" Tool Post & 6-holder set (#2 Set) $1,115.00

  3. "DORIAN" Quick Change Tool Post & 4-holder set: (SD30BXA-TS). P.O.R.

  4. Four Position Carriage Stop. $370.00

  5. 5C Collet Closer (Lever-type) $1,220.00

  6. Installation fee for Collet Closer: NET $100.00

  7. Taper Turning Attachment: $955.00

  8. Installation Fee on Taper Turning Attachment. NET: $200.00

  9. ACU-RITE® 2- AXIS DRO or FAGOR's 2 -AXIS DRO. **installed by ROSSI

  10. Upgrade to 440V / 3-PH Inverter Drive: NET $600.00

The ACER 1440V comes with standard Accessories of the following:

  • One-only 6" Three Jaw Chuck.

  • One-only 8" Four Jaw Chuck.

  • One-only Steady Rest (0.78" ~ 2.15")

  • One-only Follow Rest. (0.78" ~1.97")

  • Halogen Work Light.

  • Toolbox w/ Tools.

  • Chuck Guard w/ Safety Switch.

  • 4-Way Tool Post.

  • One 10" Face Plate.

  • Built-In Coolant System.

  • Full Length Splash Guard.

  • Foot Brake.

  • Micrometer Stop.

Up close on the ACER 1440V control panel.
The ACER 1440V control panel.

ACER offers you all these extras as part of the standard package.

The Special Package Pricing includes the Digital Readout in the Deal. ACER offers the Newall DP700 as standard but we discussed earlier, the ACER or FAGOR gives you more for the money & we include it with the sale at no extra cost to you.

As a distributor for ACER, FAGOR, & ACU-RITE® your are covered by our expertise in each of these products.

Our history of machine tool rebuilding makes us a unique sales company. You get the best of all we do : Sales, Machine Installations, Machine Service & Our World-class Support that has made us a trusted company since 1995.

Let us know if you need more information. Need a gear-head lathe? Ask about the 1340G.


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