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Angle and Rotary Encoders and Angular Systems


Today’s machine, electrical motor, printing and automation applications demand ever-increasing precision, robustness and dynamics.


The full line of HEIDENHAIN angle and rotary encoder products delivers on all these qualities, along with the high reliability HEIDENHAIN has been known for the last 125-plus years.


Available in absolute and incremental versions and ideal for a variety of applications—including rotary tables, motor feedback, printing/paper converting machines and telescopes—these encoders fulfill a variety of angle measurement needs.


We offer two categories of encoders: 


  • Angle encoders, which have an accuracy at or below ±10” (arcseconds).

  • Rotary encoders, which have an accuracy above ±10” (arcseconds).

Why HEIDENHAIN angle encoders?

  • Accuracy down to ±0.4” (arcseconds)

  • Resolutions up to 29 bits

  • Calibration chart provided with every angle encoder

  • Large mounting tolerances

Why HEIDENHAIN rotary encoders?

  • High resolutions for smooth speed control

  • Proven robustness

  • Compact size and simple installation

  • Options available with Functional Safety up to SIL 3 and PL e