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Condat Lubrication


CONDAT provides a lubricant for every type of machining. 
Whether you need a lubricant for aerospace or medical applications or milling and general machining, CONDAT has a lubricant for you.

As your Industrial Equipment Supplier, we offer our expertise in lubrication to help you choose the right lubrication.

We look to make you a regular customer!

Your Success is Our Success.


NEAT GREEN is composed of premium a blend of esterified base oils & innovative additives.

Through their innovation, CONDAT offers more environmentally friendly alternatives for cutting oils, while maintaining and improving machining performances.

NEAT GREEN is suitable for machining difficult materials for the medical and aerospace industries.

Condat lubricants


Vegetable based machining soluble. After many years of research, CONDAT combined innovative and responsible lubrication. 

A blend of vegetable esters, this lubrication provides excellence in machining and milling operations.

Boron-free and easy on the hands. 

Picture of lubrication for machine


Mineral-based, water soluble, using the latest technologies in semi-synthetic metalworking fluids.

Great for light-duty machining to heavy-duty applications such as drilling and tapping Nickel alloys.

Boron and Amine free. 

Picture of machine lubrication


CONDACUT is formulated with refined mineral oils and innovative additives.

Fulfills all your lubrication and cooling needs. 
Multi-materials, operations, functions, and quality improvements to your operations.

CNC machining


WAYPURE® is an innovative lubrication oil chemistry to optimize all coolants performances no matter the manufacturer applications. 

  • No Zinc, No Phosphorus, No Sulfur. 

  • Extends coolant life

  • Machinability : EPA friendly, no heavy metals.

  • Maintains the integrity of cutting fluid in the sump. 

  • ​Cleans out the build-up that conventional fluids leave behind

Condat provides the best lubrications.
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