Machine Tool Accessories span many product lines including machine tool lubricants.

Condat manufactures a wide span of lubricants for every application in CNC machine tools and more.

Neat Green, Mecagreen, Polybio, Condacut and their Waypure®.  See why you should look at CONDAT!

lubrication for every type of machining


NEAT GREEN: Products are composed of a premium blend of renewably sourced esterified base oils & innovative additives. Through their innovation, CONDAT offers more environmentally friendly alternatives for cutting oils, while maintaining & improving machining performances.

HIGH PERFORMANCE:  This innovative chemistry provides for a very high performance. Suited for machining difficult materials used in the medical & aerospace industries such as titanium, nickel alloys, ceramics, etc. 
  • Tool life optimization
  • ​Enhanced cutting performance
  • ​Extended oil service life.
Neat Green products meet or surpass the latest health & safety requirements for neat oils in the workplace.
  • Low smell, light color
  •  Reduced mist & fumes
  • ​High flash point
High performance lubrication for every type of machining application


Vegetable based machining soluble: As a result of many years of research in CONDAT'S laboratories, MECAGREEN products combine innovating & responsible formulas.  Built using a unique blend of vegetable based synthetic esters, they offer high performances for machining & milling operations. 

 A.  Part quality improvement:
  • Surface condition
  • Geometry
  • Reduced waste
B. Increased productivity:
  • Cycle time
  • Stable cutting conditions
C. Reduced costs:
  • Tools
  • Lubricant
  • Waste.

MECAGREEN is formulated using renewable raw materials, that provide the solution to your HSE requirements contribute to improving your process environmental footprint.
  • Machine cleanliness
  • Dermatitis risk prevention
  • Boron-free formula
Water -soluble mineral-based lubrication.


This CONDAT product is a mineral-based water-soluble fluid. Using the latest of technologies in semi-synthetic metalworking fluids, the CONDAT Polybio range includes a broad spectrum of fluids suitable for everything from light duty machining to heavy duty operations such as drilling & tapping Nickel alloys.  CONDAT is committed to constantly improving its machining fluid technology with the latest advances in high performance machining lubricants for manufacturing. 

Multi-material:  Steel, Cast Iron, Aluminum, Copper based.

Multi-operation: Resurfacing, Bar turning, Drilling, Trimming.

Improved part quality:  Surface condition, Geometry, Reduced waste.

Increased productivity:  Reduced cycle time, Cutting condition stability.

Reduced costs: Tools, Lubricant, Re-processing. 

Advantages:  Dermatitis risk prevention, Boron and/or Amine Free Formulas. 

Lubrication for steel, cast iron, aluminum & copper


The CONDACUT range is formulated with refined mineral oils & innovative additives.  You will find the optimal neat oil technology that fulfills the lubrication & cooling needs of your operations:
Multi-material: Steel, Cast Iron, Aluminum, Copper
Multi-operations: Grinding, Bar turning, Drilling, Gear cutting.
Multi-functions:  Cutting & Lubrication. 
Quality Improvements: Surface 
  • Surface Finish
  • Tighter Tolerances
  • Lower Scrap Rate
Cost Reduction:
  • Tools
  • Lubricant
  • Waste.
Oxidation Stability:
WAYPURE® lubrication has no zinc, no prosperous, no sulfur.


WAYPURE® is an innovative lubrication oil chemistry designed to optimize ALL coolants performance no matter whomever the manufacturers are. NO ZINC, NO PHOSPHERORUS, NO SULFUR.

For over 20 years customers have turned to the WAYPURE® advantage in machining centers across North America.  WAYPURE® stops ODOR problems like the ones you can have on Monday morning in your coolant sump.  

  • Extends Coolant Life:  Less down time for DCR's, lower disposal costs, lower coolant consumption.

  • Machinability:  Will not leach important additives out of the machining coolant, therefore maintains the integrity of the cutting fluid in the sump.

  • Machinability:  WAYPURE® is EPA friendly. It doesn't contain conventional extreme pressure additives (heavy metals) such as phosphorus, sulphur, and zinc.

  •  Clean:  WAYPURE® cleans out the buildup that conventional oils leave behind in both lines & check valves, allowing for better way lubrication & less maintenance.