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The  CNC  milling machine cutting  the mold parts by solid ball  end-mill tool. The hi-pre
Milling metalworking. CNC metal machining by vertical mill. Coolant and lubrication.
Mike Rossi, Founder helps you find your solutions for less

Get Technical Help From Mike Rossi

Do you have your own maintenance personnel but they need directions?

Mike has started a new service: He will consult with your staff and give his expert technical advise on how to fix an issue, repair a machine tool & sourcing parts.

Mike Rossi, Consulting

Over 45 years in the business

All About Me

Expertise in machine tool repairs is becoming harder to find. As the industry changes, employees retire, and new staff has much to learn, I decided that it was time for a new chapter in my career. I have over 45 years of expertise in machine tools.  I see a need to pass on my knowledge to others in this great industry.  I have  thought long about this and just like my business model in 1995 that established Rossi Machinery Services to be a full service & product company for manufacturing, I now see a need to expanding the work force's knowledge while they work for you.

With my guidance I can detail my best suggestions and blue prints for your staff to perform the work, saving you money & time finding a company to help.


Feel free to reach out to learn more. 

Mike Rossi





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